Compliments and Complaints Policy

Policy Number: BLV-022-001

Effective date: 1/08/2023

Next Review Date: 1/08/2025

Policy Owner: Chief Executive Office

Policy Objectives

Blind Low Vision NZ is committed to providing a high-quality customer focused service. We therefore welcome and appreciate feedback from our customers on the services we provide. Feedback provides a vehicle for continuous quality improvement and improved customer satisfaction.

Policy Principles

  • To ensure a means of dealing with all complaints in a professional and understanding manner.
  • To ensure everyone has their complaints dealt with fairly, thoroughly and promptly to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible.
  • To assist in continually enhancing the level of service provided to customers.

Who the Policy Applies To

This policy applies to all customers who wish to make a compliment or complaint about the service received at Blind Low Vision NZ.


Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights

Privacy Act 2020



A compliment is defined as feedback that includes an expression of satisfaction.


A complaint is defined as feedback that includes an expression of dissatisfaction and which requires a response or resolution.


A customer is a Blind Low Vision NZ client receiving assessment and services from Blind Low Vision NZ. A customer also includes members of the public.


  • Complaints and compliments may be received verbally or in writing.
  • All complaints are to be treated confidentially.
  • The complainant can have a support person/advocate and if they are not happy with the outcome, they can refer the matter to an appropriate external agency.
  • Complaints relating to services may be forwarded to the Health and Disability Commissioner only by those who actually receive the service or with that person’s written consent.
  • Blind Low Vision NZ’s emphasis is on achieving understanding, resolving as many issues as possible, preventing future complaints, and educating Blind Low Vision NZ staff in appropriate customer service behaviour.
  • All investigations into complaints received will take into account the rights of the complainant and any staff about whom the complaint involves.
  • Compliments are an important component of customer feedback. All feedback is sent to the appropriate department.
  • If a Blind Low Vision NZ staff member or volunteer is named in a customer complaint and/or feedback, they will be advised and asked to respond, unless otherwise specified by the complainant. At all times, details remain confidential between the parties involved.
  • Service provision to any Blind Low Vision NZ client by all Blind Low Vision NZ staff shall continue in a fair and reasonable manner.
  • Anonymous complaints and compliments will be used for the purposes of training and development throughout Blind Low Vision NZ.
  • The Chief Executive may convene a complaints committee to independently review the outcome of any complaint where the complaint feels the issue has not been resolved.



  • Please direct compliments to:
  • The receipt of compliments will be acknowledged within 1 working day.
  • A copy will be retained on the central compliments file in the CE’s office.
  • The appropriate department is advised of the compliment. No further action is required.

Verbal Complaints

Where appropriate, verbal complaints will be dealt with at source, however if unable to be resolved, the complainant must be given the option of taking the issue further with the line manager of the service. At this point, the procedure outlined below for written complaints must be followed. The manager must prepare a written summary of the complaint given verbally, to be approved by the complainant.

Written Complaints

  • Please direct complaints to:
  • Within 24 hours of receiving the complaint the Complaints Officer will send a written acknowledgement to the complainant.
  • The Complaints Officer will send a copy of the written complaint to the manager of the service and initiate an investigation.
  • Once the manager has been notified or received a copy of the complaint they are then responsible for investigating the complaint and formulating a response within 10 working days.
  • If more than one service is involved, Managers may organise a meeting with the various parties concerned.
  • The Manager will respond in writing to the complainant within 10 days. A copy will be retained on the central complaints file in the CE’s office.
  • The complainant will be offered the opportunity of further information/clarification following the investigation. The letter of reply may also outline changes in practice Blind Low Vision NZ is instigating to correct and/or improve problems highlighted.
  • Where further investigation is required, the manager will keep the complainant fully informed of progress in writing on the complaint, and negotiate a revised timeframe.


  • The manager will ensure that customer feedback and complaints are regularly audited.
  • All compliments and complaints will be recorded on a central register in the CE’s office and reports will be provided to the Board.
  • Anonymous complaints and compliments will be used for the purposes of training and development throughout Blind Low Vision NZ.


  • The CE office will be responsible for overseeing the complaints policy at Blind Low Vision NZ. Managers and appropriate professional advisors will be responsible for investigating the complaint, providing a written response and following resolution of the complaint, ensuring that the findings assist staff in minimising and/or preventing a reoccurrence.
  • The Chief Executive may become involved at any time throughout the complaints process and in particular where there are legal, contractual or media implications.