When Liz Wright saw her first guide dog she knew that one day she’d become a puppy raiser.

“It all started in the 80s when I was working as a nurse. I met a woman who had a guide dog called Honey. I decided I would be a puppy raiser once I retired. When my husband Gerry retired that was exactly what we did!” Says Liz.

“It really grew from there, I became addicted!”

Thirteen years and eight puppies later, Liz is now puppy raising 16 month old guide dog puppy Rae.

Liz and Gerry have had Rae since she was eight weeks old. “It is the best thing I’ve ever done as a volunteer, by a country mile! It is one the most rewarding things I’ve done. I love dogs and seeing them working lets you see another side of them.”

“What makes it all worth it is seeing them progress, especially the ones who’ve had behavior issues. It’s also neat to hear from a dog’s new handler and them telling us what a difference it’s made.”

Paula Gemmell, Puppy Development Coordinator says that Liz and Gerry are just star volunteers.

“They have been amazing volunteers for many years. What is wonderful about Liz is her continued thirst for knowledge and how she puts all this knowledge into practice with whatever puppy or dog she has at the moment. The dogs she works with always return to us with a high level of obedience and an ease of manageability. She is a valued member of our team!”