Call 0800 24 33 33 or email to make sure we have your correct email and mobile details.

Local Newsletters

You can receive a letter from your local Blind Foundation office with information about what’s on in your area. Simply phone 0800 24 33 33 and ask if your local office offers one.

Special Interest Email Groups

There are a number of email lists for New Zealand’s blindness community.
These email lists are hosted on an external site, Yahoo! Groups.

How to sign up

Simply send a blank message to the email provided for the list(s) you would like to subscribe to listed below, then reply to the automatic response you receive. After that you will begin to receive emails from these groups.

General Announcements

This is the Blind Foundation’s formal announcement list where official news is sent out, such as the Chief Executive and Chair’s Board reports and election announcements. It also carries announcements and short communications about activities and events in the New Zealand blind community. Subscribe to the General Announcements email list.

Assistive Technology Interest Group (ATIG NZ)

For Blind Foundation clients to provide peer support and discuss matters relating to assistive technology. Subscribe to the Assistive Technology Interest Group email list.


For Blind Foundation service users looking for work or wanting to discuss employment-related issues. Subscribe to the Employment email list.

iPhone User Group

For Blind Foundation clients who have questions about using an iPhone, or can offer advice to other iPhone users. Subscribe to the iPhone user group email list.

Other special interest e-mail lists

These special interest email groups below are owned and moderated by people outside of the Blind Foundation. Please note we are not responsible for the content or comments made in these groups and they do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Blind Foundation.

Blind Citizens NZ (Blind Discuss List)

For people wanting to discuss matters of interest to blind people in New Zealand. Subscribe to the Blind Citizens NZ Blind Discuss email list.

Blind Citizens NZ (International List)

For people wanting to discuss matters of an international flavour, mostly World Blind Union related. Subscribe to the Blind Citizens NZ International email list.

NZ Braille

For issues to do with braille as it is used in New Zealand. Subscribe to the NZ Braille email list.

Deafblind Association NZ

For people wanting to discuss matters of interest to Deafblind people in NZ.  Subscribe to the Deafblind Association NZ Email list


Discussions and information relating to the game of Goalball in New Zealand. Subscribe to the Goalball email list.

Telephone Information Service

The Blind Foundation’s Telephone information service (TIS) offers recorded bulletins for people to listen to using their touch-tone telephone. They can choose favourites using the special functions menu and to access local information.

TIS bulletins include:

  • Local and national newspaper content
  • Financial information
  • Radio and TV programme schedules
  • Public notices and announcements
  • Updates from the Blind Foundation
  • Interactive feedback lines operated by associated organisations (link to associated orgs)
  • Information from government departments and other agencies
  • Newspaper and magazine articles.

Find out more about the Telephone Information Service.