Bring the gift of joy to Kiwi families

Just for a moment, imagine: You’re a parent with three young children.

You’re trying to juggle the end of the school year, festive preparations and Christmas shopping – while two of your children have severely limited vision and extreme sensitivity to the unforgiving New Zealand sun.

That’s what Sean and Wendy go through every Christmas. Two of their children, Kendall (2) and Baylee (9), were born with Oculocutaneous Albinism. It means they have a lack of melanin pigment in skin, hair and eyes, resulting in the abnormal development of the eyes.

Photo of Alexa, Kendall and Baylee
Alexa, Kendall and Baylee have a very special bond

Please give a special donation today to help provide kids like Kendall and Baylee with the opportunity to live the life they choose.

In the beginning, Wendy and Sean were devastated to discover that not one, but two of their children had Albinism. They didn’t want their youngest child to endure what Baylee had already been through. But, they knew they could count on the Blind Foundation for the practical support they needed.

That’s because your donations to the Blind Foundation help ensure our skilled counsellors are there every step of the way for kiwis living with low vision, building confidence so sight loss won’t limit their opportunities. The knowledge and care provided by our passionate specialists is critical.

Alexa's drawing of her family
Alexa’s drawing of her family

Unfortunately, there are more people in need of help. Every week, at least one more child is referred to the Blind Foundation for ongoing support. This Christmas, will you consider making a special donation to help Kiwi kids like Baylee and Kendall fulfil their potential and step into a future not limited by sight loss?

Please make a special Christmas donation today. It truly is the gift of a lifetime.