Maureen has always been independent – travelling the world, raising a family and caring for animals. With your support, Maureen continues to do what she loves.

With a big family of six children, 12 grandchildren and a great grandchild, Maureen is never short of company. Add a dog, three cats, a goose and chooks to care for and you’ve got a modern day Dr. Dolittle – although Maureen insists it’s the animals who look after her.

Maureen in her garden
Maureen stays positive with your help

Maureen started losing her sight eight years ago and was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration. It’s a common cause of sight loss, meaning her sight will deteriorate over time. However, Maureen stays positive thanks to supportive people like you, her family and the team from the Blind Foundation.

“Thanks to all the people out there who give me the support I need. I’m happy, content and living the life I want to live.”

Once a week, Maureen’s daughter takes her out to shop, pay bills and run errands. She often has Talking Books delivered through Elaine from the Blind Foundation, who has also encouraged Maureen to keep up her other hobby – knitting. She says that in a way, loss of vision has completely opened up her world.

“I see so many different things I never saw before – it’s marvelous!”

Maureen sitting with her knitting wheel
Maureen’s hobby is knitting

Maureen gives credit to generous New Zealanders like you for what she manages to achieve, saying you all ‘deserve a crown’ for giving her so much encouragement, hope and inspiration.

Thanks to the generosity of Kiwis like you, we currently reach one in three New Zealanders who are blind or have low vision.