How Stevi regained her confidence

22 year-old Stevi was born with a rare eye condition called Cone Dystrophy and Nystagmus. Short-sightedness, tunnel vision, light sensitivity and very unstable vision means she can’t see well outside at all.

Living in a very small community with no public transport left Stevi very reliant on other people. She felt very isolated, dependent on others and didn’t have much confidence. But teaming up with Halo, her beloved guide dog changed all that.

“I have grown a lot in confidence since having Halo because I have had too. I was quite shy before, but you can’t be shy with a guide dog because people come up to you all the time. Having a guide dog definitely gives me confidence” says Stevi.

Black Labrador guide dog Halo and owner Stevi at the park
Stevi feels grateful to have a guide dog

Will you make sure New Zealanders like Stevi don’t miss out on confidence and independence? A donation today will make a real difference to guide dog puppies we train and, ultimately to New Zealanders living with blindness or sight loss.

“People don’t understand the impact that a guide dog can have. All I have to do is hold the harness handle and I know that I will be safe and I trust her. Having a guide dog gives me a sense of accomplishment because I am going to be able to do what others can do. There are no limits.”

Having Halo has given Stevi the motivation to finish school and university, find a role she loves, and confidently head towards an independent future.