Susan’s life is brighter with books

When Persistent Migrainous Aura (a rare form of migraine), started to affect Susan’s sight, she became extremely light sensitive.  

Meaning she can’t really go out and about much due to light exposure and therefore she stays at home a lot in a dark room to control her exposure to light.

As a self confessed book worm, she also felt like she was in a dark place by not being able to read anymore.  “Normally, I would curl up and go into a fantasy world and try to leave all the rubbish behind with a book. Suddenly I couldn’t do that anymore” says Susan.

Through Booklink and the Blind Foundation Library, Susan has been able to reclaim her passion for reading. She loves the fact you can download as many books as you want.

“I listen to books, everywhere I go – all the time. I can do tasks around the house, I can curl up with a book just like I used to, I can even listen while travelling”

Booklink and the Blind Foundation Library simply would not be possible without the great support of our donors and supporters.  With demand growing all the time we always appreciate any donation you’re able to make.

For young women like Susan, getting immersed in a good book makes a massive difference to her life. It’s a great escape and also gives her the opportunity to connect socially with her book worm friends again.