Will you be a friend to William and other Kiwis with vision loss?

We have all felt the effects of the recent COVID-19 restrictions, but for people who are blind or have low vision, these feelings of isolation have only intensified. It has been an incredibly challenging time for people who are already amongst our most vulnerable.

Kiwis with vision loss continue to need your support. The demand for essential services that Blind Low Vision NZ provides has increased because of COVID-19. Now more than ever we need your support to continue providing vital services that Kiwis who are blind or have low vision depend on.

It’s been even more challenging for someone like William. He’s so very young and has no vision in his right eye and very low vision in his left eye as a result of congenital glaucoma. One day he may completely lose his remaining sight. William hadn’t been able to get out and explore new places, visit friends or even go to day care during the lockdown period.

Requests for Blind Low Vision NZ’s essential services have increased, especially for children’s services, counselling and adaptive technology services.

Your support is needed now more than ever to help Kiwis like William continue to receive the specialist therapy, equipment and emotional support they rely on, at a time that is especially challenging for people who are blind or have low vision.

Your gift today can help provide Talking Books, emotional support, technology and other essential services to Kiwis like William who have sight loss.