Strategic Plan 2020-2024

18 May 2023


Our Vision, Your Future – Nā matou te moemoea, nā koutou te tau tītoki.

Strategic Plan 2020-2024

As we celebrate 130 years on 9 July 2020, we are embarking on a new era in our organisation.

With much optimism, it’s our pleasure to share our new strategic direction with you. Please open it in a format which suits you.

Our Vision, Your Future is also available in braille on request, audio and on TIS.

In creating Our Vision, Your Future, we took into account over 500 formal submissions from our consultation process and assessed 9000 pieces of information and feedback from a variety of stakeholders including you the people we serve, volunteers, staff, donors and a wide range of partner organisations.

We are committed to delivering on our four key priorities and doing it in a manner which is authentic to our four new values.

Here’s to the next chapter in our long and storied history as we empower New Zealanders who are blind, deafblind or have low vision to live the life they choose.


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