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Here we have a range of services that you can do online. It can be done online by searching the catalogue, reviewing or requesting a book, or reporting a fault.

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We are constantly on the lookout for reviews of books in our collection. Now you can submit your book review online.

A good start is to provide a brief summary (with no spoilers if there are any twists or surprises), your evaluation and finally, would you recommend it?

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We are always looking to add to our collection. Part of adding to our collection is ensuring we have the right balance to suit our readers. Many factors are in play when deciding on new content, but one of the most important is receiving requests. Now you can request a book to be added to our library online.

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If something has gone wrong or you notice an error with a book, you can now report it online.

Finding bugs in the system can be difficult, so the more information you can provide, the easier it is to fix them.

We appreciate your input; it helps us ensure the library keeps running smoothly.

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