Equipment Store - Frequently asked questions

We are pleased to announce that Blind Low Vision NZ has entered into an exciting new partnership with Vision Australia to provide a dedicated online webshop for our clients to purchase equipment. Click here to visit the Equipment Store, or keep scrolling for frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the store.

The new webshop for New Zealand is now live! The store allows you to log on, browse and purchase equipment from wherever you may be, at your convenience, and complete your transaction in New Zealand dollars.

What we are most excited about is that the new webshop provides a vastly expanded range of products at competitive prices, with supporting material, reviews and “how-to guides” to give you the widest possible choice.

This initiative brings an exciting new phase to Blind Low Vision NZ’s Equipment Solutions department, with many changes; however, some particular things will remain the same. The Ministry of Health White Cane contract will be unchanged, with canes being dispatched from our South Auckland warehouse as per the norm. The Equipment Solution team will also remain unchanged. We recognise the importance of consistency for our clients and want to ensure that the transition period – and beyond – is as smooth as possible for everyone.

We are delighted to be able to share this news with you after many months of work in the background.

Finally, in support of this new webshop initiative, and in conjunction with the Pearson Fund, subsidies are available to support your equipment needs further.

Blind Low Vision NZ has partnered with Vision Australia to offer an online store to New Zealand-based customers. 

The URL of the store is and is independent of the Vision Australia store, specifically for New Zealand customers.  

Yes, our staff will support you with making a purchase online through the webshop. Please speak to them in the first instance if you have any questions around how to make a purchase. We will no longer be selling products through Blind Low Vision NZ, all purchases will go through the new online store.  

The prices are displayed on the website and can be accessed 24/7. This means that you do not have to wait until business hours to place an order or check on the pricing! Of course, we will still support you if that’s what you would like, you can email or call 0800 24 33 33.  

There are some differences in products that are available for clients as some of the brands that are sold will be different, however there is an alternative for each of the brands that we currently sell, and many, many more options too!  

No, the product codes are not the same. In the webshop, the codes all start with ES. You can search product descriptions on the website, but if you are not sure, then please contact the team, and we can support you to work out what the closest option for you is.  

No, we have our own unique store just for New Zealand customers! The functional differences are: 

  • Product pricing are in NZD and inclusive of 15% GST unless stated otherwise. 
  • PF Subsidy is available for Blind Low Vision NZ clients only through the NZ site!  
  • Some products are unavailable via the NZ website, but most are. 

Below are the Pearson Codes that are provided to customers; these can be found below; the customer will input whichever code applies depending on the total value of their cart order during the checkout process. These are not to be used for commercial purposes by government agencies or other businesses and may be subject to change. Always check the website for the most up-to-date information.  

  • Code: 10PEARSON – 10% off if total cart price is > =$51.00 and < $101.00 GST inclusive (excluding shipping and handling).                          
  • Code: 20PEARSON – 20% off if total cart price is > = $101.00 and < $201.00 GST inclusive (excluding shipping and handling).                      
  • Code: 25PEARSON – 25% off if total cart price is > = $201.00 GST inclusive (excluding shipping and handling). 

If a service provider or a customer would like to find out more information on a specific product that cannot be answered with the information via the online shop, the customer service team can send a request on the Service Provider or customers behalf to email  

If a service provider or a customer would like to provide a recommendation of a product this can be sent to email with subject heading Product Recommendation. 

Like most websites out there, it is straightforward to use. You can either check out as a guest, or we recommend you set up your own account that will log and record your purchases, and allow you to use the wishlist function, as well as save your details. It’s very handy!  

The following steps are involved in the process of creating a customer account: 

  1. On the NZ shop site, the customer clicks on ‘Login’. 
  2. The customer is taken to the login page and selects the ‘Create account’ tab. 
  3. The customer enters their first name, last name, and email and then clicks the ‘Create account’ button. 
  4. In the event the customer already has an account for that email address entered, an error message is displayed on the screen, to remind them that they already have an account.  
  5. The customer is asked if they want to opt-in/out of ‘Keep me up to date on news and offers.’ – this will either opt you in or out of receiving information on new products or any deals that may be around.   
  6. The System checks for an existing account with the email address, and if an account does not exist, a new account is created. 
  7. If an account exists, the customer could have purchased previously, and a reset your password is emailed to the customer so that they can log in again.  
  8. The System sends an email confirmation message to the customer to confirm the account. 
  9. The customer receives the email and clicks on the link to confirm the account.  
  10. The customer enters a valid password, and the account is created on the website, the customer remains logged in.  

The following steps are involved in the process of browsing products: 

  1. The customer lands on the website.  
  2. The customer browses by category/sub-category. 
  3. The customer applies filter(s). 
  4. The customer clicks on a product to view the product detail page. 
  5. The customer adds item(s) to the cart.

The following steps are involved in the process of a customer placing an order: 

  1. The customer places one or more products in their basket and proceeds to view their cart. 
  2. ‘Your cart’ will show:
    1. A list of all products ordered and quantities, with +/- buttons to adjust the quantities.
    2. An option to ‘remove product’ on each item.
    3. An Order Summary, showing subtotal and a shipping and handling fee. 
  3. The customer clicks the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button. 
  4. If the customer is not logged in, they can log into an existing account, create a new account (see Customer Creates Account process), or proceed as a guest. 
  5. The customer is taken to the Checkout page. 
  6. If the customer is checking out as a guest, they must enter an email address.  
  7. If the customer is an existing customer (logs in), they will see a checkbox (showing current preference) for ‘Keep me up to date on the news and offers’. 
  8. The delivery address will be pre-populated for a logged-in customer (but can be edited) and must be entered by guest customers.  
    1. Note: Only NZ addresses will be supported. Deliveries cannot be made to a PO Box.
  9. The customer can optionally add a promo code and apply it. This will be used for the Pearson fund subsidy.
  10. The customer makes payment by credit/ debit card (Mastercard/ Visa only). 
  11. The system receives the order. The Sales Order and Invoice are automatically created.  The order in the system will be “Pending Fulfillment”. 
  12. Customers will automatically be sent a receipt by email. 
  13. The warehouse receives the order. 
  14. The warehouse picks up the order and packages it for delivery.   
  15. All orders are to be collected by DHL for sending to customers. 
  16. DHL will provide the tracking number to the customer.

The following steps are involved in the process of a faulty product return request: 

  1. The customer contacts Blind Low Vision NZ to report a faulty item by emailing
  2. Blind Low Vision NZ will confirm if the customer is requesting a refund or replacement. 
  3. The customer will be advised to post the items to:  Blind Low Vision NZ  30 McVilly Road   Manurewa  Auckland   2102  or drop into their local office to be returned. 
  4. Blind Low Vision NZ will assess any items returned to them. In the event Blind Low Vision NZ believe the warranty claim is valid, they will send evidence to Vision Australia (photos, video, serial number; as applicable) 
  5. The outcome of any warranty claims will be discussed with the customer by Blind Low Vision NZ for items returned to Blind Low Vision NZ. 
  6. Any faulty items returned to Blind Low Vision NZ will be retained until agreed otherwise with Vision Australia.  
  7. Vision Australia will arrange to ship replacement items (or issue a refund) for valid warranty claims. There will be no postage or handling fee. 
  8. In the event an item is not faulty, Blind Low Vision NZ will arrange to return the item(s) to the customer. 

When customers log in or navigate to My Account’, they will be taken to the My Orders view where they can see all their Eshop order history. Customers can also view their wishlists, addresses, product reviews, and payment methods. 

Generally, NZ customers will not have any order history in the system. However, a small number of customers may have moved from Australia to NZ or previously ordered from Vision Australia. In such cases, their order history will be available. 

Yes, customers can view their wishlists and addresses in the ‘My Account section. 

Yes, customers can navigate to the My Payment Methods section to add or remove payment cards and change their default payment card. 

Vision Austrialia does not accept any returns for change of mind.  They will only consider a refund or replacement if the product is damaged or faulty.  Under the consumers guarantee act, retailers can choose to provide a ‘change of mind’ polciy. Please refer to the terms and condiitons on the Vision Store for more information.

The following steps are involved should customers require assistance in their purchasing process: 


The following steps are involved should customers require assistance in their purchasing process:

  1. Customers should contact Blind Low Vision NZ in the first instance.
  2. Blind Low Vision NZ’s customer support phone number: 0800 24 33 33
  3. Blind Low Vision NZ’s customer support email: