Getting Around

Our expert team works with you to find ways for you to move around safely, confidently, and independently. Whether it’s to work, the shops or sports, you might learn to use a mobility aid such as a white cane or a guide dog, how to be guided by other people and how to manage crossing roads. We’ll work with you to find ways you feel comfortable and confident getting around.

Blind Low Vision NZ member Laura and her dog Ryder taking a walk outside.

White Canes

There are different canes for different needs. We ensure that you are fully trained to use a cane that best suits your needs.

A white cane is being used outside on a pavement by a client

Public Transport

Whether you use trains, planes, buses or ferries, we make using your preferred mode of transport easier. In some areas of New Zealand, you are entitled to transport discounts. You can check in with your local transport providers or us to find out what’s available in your region.

An image of Client Sina and her guide dog sitting on a train as she travels to work.
Client Karen and her partner are walking through the Auckland Domain on a bright day, she holds a white cane in one hand and his arm in her other.

Guiding Others

For many people who are blind, deafblind or have low vision there are times when they may need the assistance of a guide. We can help you understand the methods and techniques you can use when offering to guide someone.

Guide Dog Services

Guide dogs provide more than mobility; they also provide companionship, enhanced independence and improved confidence. Learn more about applying for a guide dog to help you get around.

Client Sue and guide dog, Yazz are crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing

Talk to us today

To learn how we can support you, or someone you know, call 0800 24 33 33 or let us know online.

Client David and his guide dog Jackson are walking over a pedestrian crossing