Sport and Leisure

Sport & Leisure is a vital part of our wellbeing and it is important we provide a specialist service for this aspect of our clients lives.

A group of clients on a kayak tour

Sport and Leisure

With a vision of empowering New Zealanders who are blind, deafblind or low vision to enjoy an active and inclusive life of their choice, our specialists will support individuals and partner organisations to enable sustainable activity in the communities our clients live in.

Our team, guided by the Enabling Good Lives Principles, provide a number of different services such as connecting clients to community support groups and volunteers where required. We also help clients access mainstream sport and leisure activities and providers. In addition, we develop positive relationships with community providers, Councils, Regional Sports Trusts etc., that can assist our clients to be more active, and we advocate on behalf of the blind, deafblind and low vision community for more inclusive activities in the community.

How we can help

Our Sport and Leisure services are personalised to meet your individual needs and goals through supporting:

  • Leisure Exploration
  • Community Events
  • Local Support and Community
  • Accessible Sporting Opportunities

We initiate, support and promote blind, deafblind and low vision awareness by providing accessible and inclusive opportunities through the Enabling Good Lives Principles.

Through Enabling Good Lives, disabled people and their whānau can choose to increase the choice and control they have in their lives and supports. For further information, please visit the Enabling Good Lives website here: Enabling Good Lives.

A group of clients are holding a knitting circle


Check out what’s happening in your local area in our events calendar.

A female client enjoys a tandem bike ride through Oreti Beach

Client stories

Be inspired by stories from the blind, deafblind and low vision community. You can read stories from our clients, staff and volunteers.

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