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How you’ve changed Brian’s life

10 November 2023

Guide Dogs

Brian standing next to a his guide dog Flynn, a yellow Labrador wearing a harness.

You’ve given Brian the gift of independence

Brian’s life changed overnight when was diagnosed with Stargardt macular degeneration in his 40s. He lost his independence, his hobbies, and lost his confidence in walking.

Your kindness made sure that Blind Low Vision NZ was on hand to support Brian with white cane training, and the many types of assistive technology that would make life easier and more enjoyable. But he really didn’t like the fact that his white cane slowed him down, and he didn’t always feel safe.

Brian decided to ask about a guide dog – and thanks to you, he was matched with the beautiful Flynn.

“Meeting my guide dog for the first time was such a combination of emotions. It was scary, exciting and amazing, and I felt such relief that I had a solution. I was also determined to make it work!”

Brian says Flynn is his best friend. They do everything together. Flynn loves to meet people, and is a real favourite when they are out and about. And he loves taking Brian to explore new places!

Flynn gives Brian “unconditional companionship”. He is so grateful to you for your kind and compassionate support!


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