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You’re helping Brianna achieve her career goals and dreams

24 January 2024

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Brianna sitting on a chair playing her flute.

Thanks to you, Brianna is brimming with confidence about her future.

Diagnosed with Leber’s congenital amaurosis, a rare inherited eye disease at 18 months, Brianna has spent much of her life developing a strong connection with  Blind Low Vision NZ. She has benefitted from almost every service we offer, thanks to the compassion and generosity of people like you.

She is now 19 and has become a talented musician and student, Brianna and her family have had support through our child and family counselling services, training in daily living skills, getting around independently and training in adaptive technology – all services only possible thanks to our generous donors.

Brianna is now looking ahead to her career and future study path thanks to the support she has received from our Youth Peer Mentoring Pilot Programme. As an enthusiastic member of this programme, Brianna has been getting mentored by someone who has vision loss, and has had similar experiences, challenges and developed a successful professional career. Brianna has been inspired to think big.

“I’ve been mentored by Chandni, who has been to university and now has a part time job and I am looking to do the same. The level of support has had a deep impact on me and shown me what is possible in my future. I’d like to thank every donor who has helped me on my life path.”


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