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Our favourite Pupstar just turned one!

16 February 2024

Guide Dogs

A collage featuring a photograph of a yellow Labrador sitting on a wooden floor, surrounded by illustrations of paw prints, a beach scene with clear blue waters, and beach accessories like a striped deck chair and coconut drink.

Everything you do helps Gino learn to be a qualified Guide Dog!

It’s time to catch up with your favourite Pupstar, Gino, who is now one year old! Gino has been working very hard with his puppy raiser to practise his very best behaviour at home. One new achievement is to stay quietly on his bed while his puppy raiser family is out of sight, outside, or in the next room.

One day, Gino wants to be the very best, most loving working dog for someone with low vision, and he must learn how to be a good and respectful housemate.

Everything he learns now will be an incredible gift, and so valuable for his special human friend!

Because Gino still has lots of puppy energy, he needs plenty of stimulation through play, training walks, and free runs as well as constant obedience training, so he understands the difference between time to work and time to play. He especially loves to meet up with other puppy friends and puppy raisers, sit quietly together for coffee and a chat, then have a free run afterwards.

Gino’s puppy raiser family does an amazing job, but they can only do this with your help! Thank you so much for caring so much about New Zealanders with low vision who desperately need working dogs like Gino in their lives.


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