Support Guide Dogs

With your help we can train puppies to become Blind Low Vision NZ guide dogs.

Guide Dog Puppy Appeal

Currently, approximately 120 puppies are bred each year, of which about one-third go on to become working guide dogs. It takes two years of rigorous training for the puppies to become guide dogs, involving an incredible team of skilled people: nutritionists, breeders, trainers, carers and support workers.

Our guide dog programme relies solely on the generous support of the public (that’s you!) to raise and train guide dogs. Your donation can give people who are blind, deafblind, or have low vision more freedom and independence.

“It’s the difference between a much smaller life spent largely at home, and the full life of independence that Yazz has given me. The amount of effort he goes to keep me safe is amazing,” says Guide Dog Handler, Sue Emirali.

With the help of donations, Blind Low Vision NZ Guide Dogs can continue to breed and train the next generation of guide dogs so more blind, deafblind, and low vision New Zealanders can live the lives they choose

Talk to one of our fundraisers now to sponsor a guide dog.

0800 366 283 (DONATE)

Puppy Raising

At nine weeks of age, Blind Low Vision NZ Guide Dogs places pups with volunteer Puppy Raisers in the community. These families or individuals ensure that our puppies receive the best possible care, in a loving home environment while receiving basic training.

Raising and training a Guide Dog puppy is an amazing experience that is incredibly rewarding for the whole family.

Puppy Raiser Kendall and guide dog puppy, Orrissa are walking off to the left hand side

Guide Dog Services

Guide dogs provide more than mobility; they also provide companionship, enhanced independence and improved confidence.

Choosing to live and work with a guide dog is a big decision, and we are committed to helping our clients work their way through the entire process.

Face-to-face Fundraising

Blind Low Vision NZ are working with a professional marketing organisation to visit members of the public at their homes to give them the opportunity to become Puppy Sponsors.

Face to face fundraiser, with their mask on, wearing their orange vest and ID.

Donate to the Guide Dog Kennel Appeal

Help us raise $10m to build new kennels for our guide dogs to give them the best possible environment to succeed.

Jackson the guide dog