Mike and Shon are back talking all things Christmas and festive in this bumper episode with a bundle of interviews.

Cooking with Julie

Julie Woods (aka That Blind Woman) visited the show for an interview. She’s a keen cook, and in this episode Julie talks Christmas cooking with Chantelle. Julie tells a bit of her story, how getting back into the kitchen helped her get her confidence back after starting to go blind. They talk about the challenges and adaptations involved in cooking blind- including some funny accidents and misadventures. She also shares a delicious secret truffle recipe perfect for the festive season.

Christmas gift guide

Nicola from our Equipment Solutions team takes Mike through gift ideas for family and friends who are blind or low vision.

Holiday reading

Geraldine from the library joins Chantelle and Mike in the studio to share her top three recommendations- two she’s read and loved, and one she’s planning to read this summer.

Her top three book picks are:

  • The disestablishment of paradise: a novel in five parts plus documents by Phillip Mann,
  • Rich man road by Ann Glamuzina,
  • South sea vagabonds by J. W. Wray.

They’re all available via our BookLink service.

Christmas shopping help

Karen from Community and Life Enrichment talks about volunteer help available for Christmas shopping. If you’d like help with your Christmas shopping, contact Karen.

Festive Q&A

We round things up with a Christmas Q&A with Ellen, who shares questions people have sent in from around New Zealand about what it’s like to be blind or low vision at Christmas.

If you have a burning question about life as a blind or low vision person, send us an e-mail at perspectives.podcast@blindfoundation.org.nz – your question may be featured in a future episode!