Vision Loss in Our Communities: Schools Awareness Workshops

Blind Low Vision NZ’s Schools Awareness programme is designed to educate New Zealand’s Tamariki about the challenges and experiences of people with low vision or blindness and through awareness of self and others, inspire a generation of young people to help be the difference in their community.

Through engaging and interactive workshops, students gain a deeper understanding of vision loss, fostering empathy and awareness within our communities. The workshop[s not only equip young minds with knowledge but also empowers them to become advocates for inclusivity and accessibility.


About the Schools Programme 

The two session programme is designed to raise awareness of vision loss in the school environment and in our neighvourhood, There is an optional staff awareness session which can help those schools with students who are blind or low vision in the school environment.


Vision Loss in our Community

In this session, students are introduced to vision loss and actively participate in finding answers to questions about what vision loss can look like and how we can all help people in our community that are blind or low vision. This includes an introduction to white cane and why our neighbourhoods have so much yellow, including tactile dots and lines. The session also includes a call to action to become a responsible footpath user and support safe access and mobility for everyone.


Guide Dogs – Puppy to PAWSOME

This session students are introduced to a working Guide Dog and learn about what it takes Blind Low Vision NZ  Guide Dogs to breed, train and match a Guide Dog to a person that is blind or low vision. Learn about the equipment and how it supports the dogs work, service dog etiquette and some of the special things a Guide Dog can do for their handler.

The workshops, while growing awareness of vision loss for our young people, covers themes of self awareness and awareness of others, appreciating our differences and our superpowers and the impact of our uniqueness on community to inspire our young people to be the change our communities need.

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Dan and his guide dog Ezra smile at the camera