What happens next?

You might wonder what the next steps are once you’ve registered with the Blind Foundation.  You’ll have access to our full range of services and support – mixed and matched to suit you.

To start, our professional team will meet with you in your home or workplace to assess your needs.  This also happens again at any later stage if your vision-related circumstances change.

In this meeting, we find out from you about your eye condition and any other vision-related difficulties.  We learn about your health, support services, local services, culture and language.  You will be able to show us what you can do and whether you’re doing it safely. Then we talk to you about what else you would like to be doing.

We can help you make important decisions and set goals. During the meeting we can also suggest simple techniques for everyday tasks and useful visual aids.  We can refer you to support agencies too.

Once the assessment is complete, the Blind Foundation team can develop a programme to help you remain as independent as possible.