Newly diagnosed

What our clients say

“I don’t think a lot of people are aware of the opportunities and the services they have available. You’ve got no idea of the amount that is done for you and services available. I just can’t thank them enough. They’ve been absolutely incredible.” – June Hieatt

Tips for your doctor’s appointment

It may be useful to bring a friend or relative to the appointment to help you remember important information- you could also make notes of the key points.

Collect any brochures and contact details for helpful organisations where you can get support, and find out more- by visiting our helpful website links section.

Questions to ask your doctor

You will probably have a range of questions you want answers to. An eye specialist or GP is a good person to ask. Here we offer some questions you may wish to ask.

Diagnosis and lifestyle

What is my diagnosis?
What caused my condition?
How will it affect my vision now and in the future?
Should I watch for any particular symptoms and notify you if they occur?
Should I make any lifestyle changes?
Will this affect my job?


Can my condition be treated?
What is the treatment for my condition?
When will the treatment start and how long will it last?
What is the cost and how do I get the treatment?
What are the benefits of this treatment and how successful is it?
What are the risks and side effects associated with this treatment?
Are there foods, drugs, or activities I should avoid while I’m on this treatment?
If my treatment includes taking medicine, what should I do if I miss a dose?
Are other treatments available?


What kinds of tests will I have?
What can I expect to find out from these tests?
When will I know the results?
Do I have to prepare for any of these tests?
Will I need more tests later?
When should I have a follow-up?