Using Technology

Using computers and accessing information

Blind Low Vision NZ offers training to help you learn basic keyboard skills and computer navigation with specialised software or hardware which magnifies the text, turns text into speech or displays the text as braille.

Technology options

Find out about the range of different types of adaptive technology to suit your needs, as well as links to suppliers.

The Adaptive Technology Helpdesk

Contact our team for help with adaptive technology questions. Find out how to contact them, and what they can help with.

What our clients say about the smart speaker Alexa Skill

“I think that whole concept of being able to just use my voice, I think it has taken a lot of access barriers away and made things faster”. – Leyna Coleman

Latest Tech News

Visit our Tech and Innovation news section for the latest updates.

Tech Podcast

Thomas Bryan, Blind Low Vision NZ’s technology advisor, hosted our technology podcast episode focused on sharing information and tips in the accessible tech space.