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The Blind Low Vision NZ Library includes collections in Braille, audiobooks and a youth section. We can assist you in person, via email or over the phone. The assistive search feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Here you can also find our inspiring podcast series, ReVISION, hosted by Sam Smith.

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The English Text Of The Treaty of Waitangi

The English Text of The Treaty of Waitangi

Ned Fletcher | Book #141586

Winner of the 2023 Ockham Book Awards for General Non-Fiction, The English Text of The Treaty of Waitangi is both an extraordinary work of scholarship and an engaging story, well told. Expertly narrated by John Leigh, this outstanding book poses the question as to how the English text of the Treaty was understood by the British in 1840 and emphasizes that the original drafting by British officials cannot be separated from the wider circumstances of that time. While Fletcher proves that the English text intended Māori to have continuing rights to self-government (rangatiratanga) and ownership of their lands, the original understanding was lost in the face of powerful forces in the British Empire post-1840, with increased hostility and intolerance towards indigenous people. This magnificent book enriches our understanding of the original purpose and vision of the Treaty of Waitangi. Read by John Leigh in 46 hours, 24 minutes
The Doctors Wife

The Doctor's Wife

Fiona Sussman | Book #142239

Nothing in Stan Andino’s unremarkable life could prepare him for the day he discovers his wife in the living room, naked except for a black apron, bleaching out a stain in the carpet that only she can see. A CT scan one week later explains the seemingly inexplicable; Carmen Andino has a brain tumour. As Stan and their teenage sons grapple with the diagnosis and frightening personality changes in their wife and mother, Austin Lamb, close friend and local doctor, does everything possible to assist the family in crisis. Read by Janice Finn in 9 hours, 58 minutes. RNZFB.

Things in the Sea are Touching Me

Linda Jane Keegan | Book #140459

'Look in the water, Ma! Golly, oh gee! Some THING in the sea is TOUCHING ME! 'You'll squawk, screech, yelp... and laugh out loud at the surprises for all on this funny-sunny family day at the beach. When a small child goes to the seaside with her Mum and Ma, she is unprepared for 'things' floating in the water. Ma explains what each one is and that it is nothing to be afraid of... then gets a big fright herself when Mum grabs her ankle. Read by Rex Duis in 20 minutes.

How to access the library

We have a number of ways people can access our library content. One of our most popular methods is using Alexa, a smart speaker, which people simply talk to so they can find and listen to books, magazines and newspapers.

Also, our content is available through the EasyReader app available on iOS and Android devices. With this app you can download our library content so you can read content on the go.


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Join the library

The Blind Low Vision NZ Library is a rich resource. From audiobooks and magazines, to braille and tactile books, there’s something for everyone. Depending on your eye condition or print disability, you may be able to receive our Library material online or by direct loan. Our collections include fiction, non-fiction and periodicals, including daily newspapers. These are available in one or more accessible formats:

  • Braille (mainly UEB, Uncontracted English Braille)
  • DAISY audio (a specialised audiobook format)
  • e-braille (electronic braille files, in brf format)
  • Our largest collection by format is DAISY audio.

ReVision podcast

ReVISION is Blind Low Vision NZ’s podcast, hosted by Sam Smith. Each episode, Sam shares his first-hand experience with vision loss and talks to members of the eye health community.

Find out more about the ReVISION podcast and listen to the episodes by clicking the link below.

Sound and Touch

Sound and Touch is our quarterly magazine to keep you updated with all the new library content that has been recently added.