Make your donation go further by donating your tax rebate.

Here’s how your donation will continue to make a difference.

If you are an individual New Zealand tax resident who has received taxable income in a tax year, then you are entitled to a 33% rebate on each donation that you make to us.

If you are one of the majority of New Zealand givers who does not claim this rebate back from Inland Revenue, why not consider gifting it to us so we can continue to provide vital services to New Zealanders who are blind, deafblind or have low vision.

How can I do this?

You are able to claim your tax rebate directly with Inland Revenue and donate this back to us.  You can do this in two ways:

Once you have received your rebate for the donation back from the IRD you can call us on 0800 787 743 to donate it back to us. If you could please mention you are donating your tax rebate, we would appreciate it, so that we can thank you appropriately. Or click here to donate your tax rebate online.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions or would like us to mail you the IRD Tax Credit Claim Form, please contact our supporter care team on 0800 787 743 and they will be happy to help.