There is plenty of general advice around how to protect yourself and others against COVID 19, but what about from a blind and low vision perspective? Here’s a few tips that we have gathered, and we would love to hear any you have too.

1. Audio Described Aotearoa have described how to wash your hands as many posters and information are inaccessible. Washing your hands will save lives.

Listen to hand washing description.

Read the hand washing word doc.

2. While we are in lockdown starting 25 March 2020, we can go for a walk around the block. Chris Orr, Access and Awareness Advisor gives this tip:

“Use disposable rubber gloves for touching surfaces when you are going for a walk – as a person who is blind or has low vision you have to touch things more. When you get home chuck them in the bin and wash your hands.”

3. During the lockdown period starting 25 March 2020, public transport will still be available for people with an access need to get to an essential service such as going to the supermarket or chemist. Most providers have changed their service for buses so that you enter through the rear door but people with access needs can use the front. The alternative is giving us a call on 0800 24 33 33 or emailing and we will work with our team to support you.

4. Uber’s Ride Sharing app (but not Uber Eats) and Taxis have also been classed as an essential service and will continue to operate during lockdown to get to an essential service.

5. The team have put together a handy list of places to shop online and places you can go for financial support for essential items.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, or there is something you would like to know which will help you get through this period email