Information and Resources

Eye Conditions

This video provides information about the most common eye conditions that cause blindness and low vision.

Newly diagnosed

It may be useful to bring a friend or relative to the appointment to help you remember important information- you could also make notes of the key points.

Eye Health

Information about the best way to make sure you keep good vision throughout life and how to use eye drops

Tips for living with vision loss

These tips should help make life easier so you can keep doing things safely while remaining independent and in control.

Advice on Supporting

Find out information about advice on how to help someone who is blind or low vision, Blind Low Vision NZ guide videos, associated organizations, social services, and helpful links.


Information about the braille system, how braille work, learning and writting in Braille.

Using Technology

Find out information about using technology, The Adaptive Technology Helpdesk, smart speaker Alexa Skill, latest tech news and tech podcast.

Statistics and Research

Find out the latest statistics and research for people who are blind or have low vision.

Questions to ask your MP

In the lead up to the General Election, 19 September 2020, we have gathered some questions you could ask your local candidates.