Jenny’s Story!

After 71 years of perfect vision, a rare genetic condition left Jenny devastated. And she would still be living in the shadows if it weren’t for wonderful people like you.

“When the Blind Foundation came into my life, it was like a door opening and light shining in. It was wonderful.”

Jenny says that when she had full vision, she lived a very full life. But that all changed one afternoon three years ago. She remembers the day when her whole world began to slip from view:

“When my eyes went, I thought: ‘I’m absolutely useless now. What’s the point of living?’ But this has passed. The Blind Foundation counsellors helped me with that. When you think it’s all closed down and it’s all over, and you’ve got nothing to look forward to, they open that door.”

One of the biggest comforts to Jenny was rediscovering the world of literature. An avid reader all her life, Jenny would easily devour a book a night when she had her vision. With help from the Blind Foundation and the latest technology, Jenny now has access to a whole world of books that was closed to her:

“I can actually read books again now, but my eyes get very tired. So I can’t read for a long time. But I can read, which is like stepping through into the sunlight.”
Jenny’s sunlight metaphor is particularly apt and inspirational. Bringing light to people’s lives – that’s our purpose every day here at the Blind Foundation.

The Blind Foundation has been at Jenny’s side to help in very practical ways too. From learning to use the microwave again, to telling the time and using a white cane, accessing emails and getting on the internet.

And after only a year with the Blind Foundation, Jenny is once again enjoying a life of connection, involvement and independence. And she couldn’t be more grateful:

“It’s a new life, it’s a new way of living. But it’s still good. And the Blind Foundation made it so. I have nothing but praise for them and their wonderful supporters. They really have given me back my life.”

I hope you feel proud of the incredible difference your support has made on the lives of so many Kiwis like Jenny.