Horse Race Wooden Game

Product code: RC0152

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In this fun and simple game, two players race around the track to the finish by moving their peg the number of places they roll on the die. But there are booby traps along the way in the form of holes that go all the way through the board, dropping your racing peg into the storage box and out of the game. If you land on one, you must take another of your six pegs and start over at the beginning.

Because of its simple rules and strategy, this game is a great for younger players. Pegs are colour-coded (six each – red and blue) and there are tactile markings on top of six of them, making it accessible to blind players. Includes wooden game board/storage box, 12 pegs and a wooden die. All pieces have a smooth stained finish. Measures 20.95 cm x 8.89cm x 4.12cm.

Product code: RC0152