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Synapptic is an all-in-one software for people who are blind or partially sighted. It runs on Android Smartphone and Tablets and has been specifically designed to be quick to learn and easy to use.

What great features does Synapptic software have to offer?

  • Easy to use, large, simple and clear menus which can be customized to show only the options you want.
  • Change the magnification and colours to suit your needs.
  • Make and answer calls (Phones only)
  • Send and receive text messages (Phones only)
  • Send and receive emails.
  • Address book to store telephone numbers, email addresses, skype addresses and postal addresses.
  • Calendar, reminders and alarm
  • Electronic magnifier with the ability to enlarge text and objects up to 25 times magnification.
  • Reading machine – Photograph documents and have them spoken out.
  • Note pad – Either type or dictate with voice recognition to create notes, lists or other information.
  • Voice memos – create recordings that can be played back or even emailed.
  • Voice control – Use this voice command hands free option to select menus, dial numbers, write text messages or emails and lots more!
  • Where am I/ GPS – Find your location via GPS. Street and house number are spoken out. Use this to find details of locations nearby.
  • Colour identifier – Place any object a few inches in front of the phone’s or tablet’s camera and this tool will show on screen and speak out the colour of the object.

Lots more excellent features including… Internet Radio, YouTube/Live TV/iPlayer, Web browser, RSS News Reader, Digital Camera, Music/book player, Weather Forecasts, Compass, App Launcher, Help pages and Training Videos.