In the lead up to the 7 Day Challenge, The Blind Foundation is issuing a call to its clients, their friends, family, volunteers, and all New Zealanders to take inspiration from the event to set their own challenges and show their support of the 7 Day Challenge crew.

Blind Foundation’s National Manager of Community and Life Enrichment Blair Gilbert says: “Achieving your challenge can be a catalyst for new pursuits, and it’s something I’m proud to have witnessed with many of our clients.”

Steve Delaney, a Blind Foundation client from Nelson preparing for this year’s 7 Day Challenge, has a message for those starting on their own challenge journey: “Back yourself. There is more strength inside you than you could ever quantify.”

Challenges can be big or small and we invite both sighted or those who are blind or have low vision to join in. Share your personal challenge and progress on social media using #WhatsYourChallenge then nominate 7 of your family or friends to do the same to help spread the word.

Head over to the Blind Foundation Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we’ll be sharing other challenger’s stories, tips to keep you motivated with your own, and plenty of exciting coverage from the 7 Day Challenge event itself.