Work Readiness

Ese Aumalesulu sit on chair and talk about his story

What our clients say

“Blind Low Vision NZ helped give me stability and the opportunities that have helped set me up for life. It means so much to me. Thank you.” – Ese Aumalesulu

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Work Readi

Work Readi is a new way of approaching employment where the client takes ownership of the process and is fully engaged working in a team approach with the Work Readi Advisors and other specialist staff for a successful outcome.

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Workplace Support

If you’re experiencing issues on the job due to vision loss, Blind Low Vision NZ may be able to assist. We can provide awareness training for an employer, workplace assessments related to vision, connect you to employment law support or consumer advocacy groups.

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If you teach a student who is blind or has low vision, or would like to teach your class about blindness, we can help.


Help is available if you’re blind or low vision and a student, or looking to make the move into part-time or full-time study. Learn more here.

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Employing someone who is blind or has low vision, or retaining an employee who is experiencing sight loss, is easier than you think. Find out how we can help here.