Support for job seekers

Whatever your work needs, we can tailor-make a programme to suit your needs. We also offer careers advice, to help you land that dream job.

We can provide you with work experience too, right here at Blind Low Vision NZ, so you can develop the skills employers are looking for.

Our life-changing services build confidence while empowering you with the skills you need to live and work how you want.

You can read more in the Working It Out brochure, which you can download below.

Working It Out employment brochure (.pdf)

Blind Low Vision NZ’s service is a Supported Employment Service approved by ASENZ (the Association of Supported Employment NZ).

Looking for the right job

You know what you want and you are keen to ensure you have the right skills – and that you approach potential employers in just the right way. We can help:

  • Brush up your interview skills – and tweak your CV so you shine.
  • Show you in the best possible light in your cover letter.
  • Help you disclose your disability in the best way.

We can also help you prepare before you look for work with a tailor-made pre-employment programme. You will then be able to approach employers with confidence.

We can help with careers advice and setting goals, and teach you job search strategies including those described above. In addition, we can help you approach employers, including alerting them to any employment subsidies or other incentives they may be eligible for.

Our Work Experience Programme

If you know what work you’d like to do but need experience, Blind Low Vision NZ’s Work Experience Programme can help.  You might have done a course, or decided what area you’d like to work in, and just need a step into the working world.

Designed around your needs, this empowering programme builds both confidence and skills in a supportive professional workplace.  You will be working within  Blind Low Vision NZ in a role specifically designed for your needs. You can discover what suits you best – and what a job is really like.

This life-changing programme will:

  • Give you real on-the-job experience.
  • Teach you new skills.
  • Make you attractive and marketable to employers.
  • Allow you to see first-hand what a typical day on the job is like.
  • Give you experience of what the recruitment process is like.
  • Provide you with a certificate, plus assess how your goals were met by the programme.

Blind Low Vision NZ’s work experience programme operates all year round and is voluntary.

To take part you must already be in touch with a Blind Low Vision NZ Employment Consultant and seeking work. You will be asked to sign a contract, and this includes a confidentiality agreement. You will also set goals for what you want to achieve from your work experience. At the end of your time, these will be reviewed.

We can help you get on track for the job you desire – or help you discover what this might be.

For support call us on 0800 24 33 33 or email