Getting Around

Blind Low Vision NZ’s expert staff can show you how to move around safely, confidently, and independently. Whether it’s to work, the shops, school or sports, you might learn to use a mobility aid such as a white cane or a guide dog, how to be guided by other people and how to manage crossing roads. We’ll work with you to find ways you feel comfortable and confident getting around.

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Blind Low Vision NZ Guiding Videos

Guide Dog Service

Learn more using white cane

Public and private transport

Blind Low Vision NZ Guiding Videos

These videos are designed to help you understand the methods and techniques you can use when offering to guide a person who is blind or has low vision.

White Canes

A cane is a great aid for getting out and about if you are blind or have low vision. Dan Shepherd, Regional Manager – Southern of Blind Sport New Zealand talks about his experience of using a white cane.

Guide Dog Service

Learn more about applying for a Blind Low Vision NZ guide dog to help you get around.

Public and Private Transport

Whether it’s trains, planes, buses or ferries, we can help you use the transport that suits you best.

Tips and Techniques

Find out how our team can help you develop the skills you need to get around safely and easily.