DAISY player FAQ

What is DAISY?

Digital Accessible Information System, or DAISY, is a standard for creating digital talking books in an accessible audio format. Books that use DAISY technology allow you to move forwards and backwards at different levels, between chapters, pages, and phrases. Blind Low Vision NZ shares its DAISY talking books with other blindness support agencies internationally, and receives overseas material in the same format.

What’s a DAISY player?

DAISY players are talking book machines you can use to read audio books, magazines, and other media. The player has been designed for people who are blind or have low vision and has easy to use features. The DAISY player has a sleep timer function, and can alter the speed and tone of the audio narration.

How can I get a DAISY player?

The Library has a stock of DAISY players available for long term loan to registered clients of Blind Low Vision NZ. A player will be sent out to you when you register for DAISY service. More portable models, such as the Victor Stream, can be purchased from overseas.

Can I get help with my player?

Instructions on how to use the player are provided in large print and audio, and a volunteer can provide in-home assistance if required. Please contact us on 0800 24 33 33 to find out whether volunteer support is available where you live.

What can I read on my player?

Besides DAISY CDs and downloads, the player will play commercial audio CD books, such as those you borrow from the public library, music CDs and MP3 files. As well as the CD drive, the DAISY player can read files from USB drives, and SD memory cards.

Can I read DAISY discs on a standard CD player?

No, you cannot play DAISY CDs on a regular CD or MP3 player. DAISY is a special data format that needs to be read on a DAISY player.

How do I choose the books and magazines I get from the Library?

When you register for the CD service, we will set up a member profile that determines what kind of books will be selected from the collection for you, and which magazine titles will be delivered to you regularly. You can also request specific books, by getting in touch with us by phone or email.

How do I return my CDs?

Books and magazines need to be returned in the cardboard packaging they were sent in. The Library’s address is on the return mailer, and there is no charge for the postage. Once a CD has been returned, another CD will be sent to replace it.

Can I get Daisy Direct on my phone?

No, Daisy Direct is a special system developed by Blind Low Vision NZ. It runs on a specially configured Android device, provided and maintained by Blind Low Vision NZ. Daisy Direct kits are provided to registered members on long term loan, to accompany your DAISY player.

Can I get Daisy Direct where I live?

The service runs on the 2degrees mobile network, so it does depend on good signal strength to maintain a reliable connection. If you have sighted assistance, you can check 2degrees coverage at your address with this search on their website; or you can call us to check for you.