The Associate Member – BookLink Only membership type was created so that people with a print disability in New Zealand, that do not meet the full criteria for Blind Low Vision NZ membership, can access the digital services of the library.

Print Disability? What is that exactly?

In terms of Blind Low Vision NZ’s Library, we are required to work under the definition in section 69 of the Copyright Act 1994. For the purposes of the Copyright Act, a person has a print disability is he or she –

a. is blind; or

b. suffers severe impairment of his or her sight; or

c. is unable to hold or manipulate books; or

d. is unable to focus or move his or her eyes; or

e. suffers a handicap with respect to visual perception.

Will I be able to access other Blind Low Vision NZ services?

No, this membership is just for BookLink. However, we are working on making sure that you hear about our services if you reach the point where you need them.

Will I be able to get equipment like a DAISY player?

Sorry, no, not with a BookLink membership. As much as we would like to provide equipment to people with a print disabilities, we don’t have the resources to do this. Your BookLink membership allows you to use our BookLink web service to listen to audiobooks or magazines on your PC or mobile/tablet device.

Why do people with print disability need to get a doctor’s declaration?

It is to meet to our legal obligations with the Copyright Act.

The Copyright Act 1994 section 69 clearly states that a ‘prescribed body’ (of which the Blind Foundation is one) provides accessible copies only to persons who have a print disability. Also, the requirement is for a medical practitioner to sign off, not just a GP. For example, a nurse or an occupational therapist could also sign the declaration.

How do I sign up for BookLink-only membership?

It’s easy- just complete the application form (.pdf, 227kb) and send it to us.