Sound and Touch March 2020

Blind Low Vision NZ Library—Te Puna Whakamōhio

Produced 2020 by Accessible Formats Service, Blind Low Vision NZ, Auckland.

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Transcriber’s Note

If reading this etext on a portable braille device, please note that it is unproofed by touch.

Welcome to the June 2020 issue of Sound and Touch

In this issue:

Our Library service during Covid-19

Dolphin EasyReader apps

Ockham award winners in audio and braille

Searching in BookLink Web

Accessible Books Consortium Pilot

Julie Woods’ new title added to our Library

Te Reo content added to our Library

Many thanks to our generous sponsors

Our Library service during Covid-19

The past couple of months have been a difficult time for everyone; I hope you are all coping as well as possible in these unprecedented times. Throughout the different stages of Covid-19, our library service was classed as an essential service and we continued to provide library content to our members.

If you want to listen to Government information about Covid-19, it is available on our Telephone Information Service (TIS), menu 3481. The regional telephone numbers for TIS are listed on the last page of this Sound and Touch. Alternatively please ring the Library on 0800 243 333 for more information on this.

Under Alert Level 2, our Youth Library that had previously been only providing electronic copies of material, has also physically opened and is again providing hard copy learning material to blind and low vision children.

Dolphin EasyReader apps

You are now able to access more than 35,000 audiobooks through the Dolphin EasyReader App.

Used by blind and low vision organisations around the world, this app has the advantage over our in-house app BookLink of having a high level of technical support and resources available.

Our in-house BookLink website is still available and we will continue to make developments and maintain it.

The Dolphin app is available on iOS (Apple devices) and Android and is free to download. It is currently used by agencies such as Vision Australia, RNIB, CELA and Bookshare.

Please note: At this stage, it is only our audiobooks that are available through Dolphin EasyReader, not our magazines or newspapers.

As well as access to the Blind Low Vision NZ library, Dolphin EasyReader has other great features such as tools for low vision users to enlarge and modify text. It also provides access to, which offers a collection of more than 100,000 high quality eBooks free; Project Gutenberg (International), which offers over 50,000 free eBooks ready for download; and Bookshare, which offers the world’s largest collection of accessible titles.

If you would like a Bookshare subscription, we pay the joining fee and first year’s subscription for our library members.

Please contact the Library on 0800 243 333 for instructions of how to download the app, and/or if you would like a Bookshare subscription.

Ockham award winners in audio and braille

We are currently adding a few award winners and nominees into our library in DAISY audio and braille.

These titles include winners of the Jann Medlicott Acorn Prize for Fiction, the General Non-fiction award, Mary and Peter Biggs award for poetry as well as the shortlisted and longlisted Ockham award nominees.

You can find these titles at the beginning of the “New DAISY audio” content section of this magazine, and after the paragraph below.

If you would like to request one of these titles and it is not yet produced, please contact Diana Morse on 09 930 1576 or and we will arrange for the book requested to be sent to you as soon as it is produced.

Jann Medlicott Acorn Prize for Fiction:

Auē by Becky Manawatu (currently in production for DAISY audio and braille).

Taukiri was born into sorrow. Auē can be heard in the sound of the sea he loves and hates, and in the music he draws out of the guitar that was his father’s. It spills out of the gang violence that killed his father and sent his mother into hiding, and the shame he feels about abandoning his eight-year-old brother to a violent home. But Arama is braver than he looks, and he has a friend and his friend has a dog, and the three of them together might just be strong enough to turn back the tide of sorrow.

General Non-fiction award winner:

Dead people I have known by Shayne Carter (already added in DAISY audio, it is currently in production for braille).

In this autobiography, the author, a legendary New Zealand musician, tells the story of a life in music. This is an intimate exploration of the history of New Zealand Music.

Produced by RNZFB. Read by John Leigh in 12 hours, 13 minutes. Book number 130004.

Searching in BookLink web

Here are some tips to help obtain the result you are looking for when searching in BookLink Web.

1. To get specific results, try using the Advanced Search in BookLink Web, where you can search on just the title, author, subject, or any combination of these. You can also choose between audio and braille books by selecting the Format. You may need to refresh the site in your browser to update these features.

2. We are continuing to maintain our online library catalogue in its traditional form, which includes all of our collections in all formats. This does not include near matches, and only gives exact results for your searches. The catalogue is available at this address, and is also linked from the Library pages on the Blind Low Vision NZ website:

3. The catalogue records include the book or title number, which you can use to retrieve a specific book from BookLink Web for download. The Advanced Search screen has a dedicated field for searching book numbers; these are the numbers we provide for requesting titles in our library promotions.

For any further help with this please contact the Library on 0800 243 333 or Roland Brownlee in our Library team on

Accessible Books Consortium Pilot

Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) Global Book Service now has over 500,000 titles in 76 languages available for cross-border exchange under the provisions of the Marrakesh Treaty.

To date, ABC has only provided their service to blind and low vision people through authorized entities in each country, such as BLVNZ. This means that when a library member requests a book, which has been produced already by one of the Blindness Agencies on ABC, the requested title is ordered by the collection librarian. In due course, ABC send the audio file to us (the library), we download it, add it to our collection and then make it available to that member and others.

We are currently looking at setting up a pilot with ABC. This will involve a member being able to search the ABC catalogue, and see titles available for immediate download. Please note this is still in the planning stage and the pilot will have to be successful for it to be fully implemented.

If the pilot goes ahead, we would like approximately 20-30 library members to take part in this. We would then generate a login to the ABC catalogue for you. You can search for a title and then download it to your computer at home. We would also be notified of the titles you have selected and have the ability to add them to our collection. This would also enable other members to read these books.

Advantage: The upside is that you receive the DAISY audio or electronic braille title instantly to your computer.

Disadvantage: As it is coming directly to you, it would be only available as a digital file directly from ABC and would not be instantly available through our BLVNZ delivery platforms such as Alexa, BookLink, and Dolphin or by CD. If we also added it to our collection, then at that later stage it would be available through these platforms.

Please note, you must have a digital device that you can use to search their catalogue on and download the audio file to.

If you are interested in being part of this potential ABC pilot, please contact Geraldine Lewis on 09 355 6926 or email her on

Julie Woods’s new title added to our Library

We have recently added Professional Speaker and Coach, Julie Woods’s new title to our library. This is available in DAISY audio, braille, electronic braille, e-text and large print. The DAISY audio is available through the Booklink website our Library iOS and android apps, Alexa, DAISY Direct or on DAISY cd. All versions are available by phoning the Library on 0800 243 333.

Title: Why not: what a blind woman said to “Do you want to referee a game of nude touch rugby?” and more! by Julie Woods

Julie shared with us the following blurb from the book, which is written by Dame Susan Devoy.

This inspirational tale tells the story of a partially sighted woman who goes blind at the age of 31. It’s not surprising this young kiwi mother of two thinks her life has ended the day she is declared legally blind in 1997, or has it …

With side splitting stories, from playing single blind Santa to refereeing her first game of nude touch rugby, find out how turning her no into why not takes that blind woman Julie Woods off the couch to living her life as a daring adventure!

As well as Julie, you’ll meet a blind man with tartan eyes, a blind woman who reads with her fingers and a sighted colleague who tricks two men with Julie’s white cane!

In this publication, she teams up with her talented husband Ron Esplin who brings her stories to life with his wonderful watercolour illustrations. “What colour should your hair be?” Ron asks Julie while he is in the studio one Friday afternoon. “Pink of course” replies Julie.

“This book encapsulates everything that Julie is. It is positive, fun, insightful, and inspiring. Be prepared to be bitten by the why not bug, because Julie’s why not philosophy is infectious!”

Published by BLVNZ. Read by Madeleine Lynch in 7 hours, 32 minutes. Book number 132447.

Te Reo content added to our Library

During lockdown, our Studios Producer, Simon Lynch, has personally narrated some outstanding adult and youth Te Reo titles that have been sought after by our members. One such title is “Māori made easy 2: The next step in your language-learning journey” by Scotty Morrison. It is great to get more Te Reo content into our collection.

Māori made easy 2: The next step in your language-learning journey by Scotty Morrison.

The follow-up companion to Māori Made Easy, assisting learners who want to take their reo Māori to the next level. It unpacks more of the specifics of the language while still offering an easy, assured approach. By committing just 30 minutes a day for 30 weeks, learners will progress at their own pace and adopt the language as best suits their individual needs.

Produced by RNZFB. Read by Simon Lynch in 14 hours, 6 minutes. Book number 102484.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors

We would like to express our appreciation to the following funders since the previous issue of Sound and Touch. These funds have helped to make print material accessible to people who are blind or have low vision and without their support, it would not be possible to meet the reading needs of library users.

We would like to thank:

Milford Asset Management for their generous ongoing support of our Library Service.

Room-Simmonds Charitable Trust who supported the studio production of talking books for the Library.

Internet NZ for funding towards our Alexa roll out.

The following funders for accessible books for our Library:

P A Blackmore Trust

James Stewart Memorial Fund

New DAISY audio

This issue contains DAISY audio books added to the collection since the last issue of Sound and Touch in March 2020.

Please note we previously promoted our unique book numbers using CD followed by the number. This has been changed to a more generic term, book number or BN for abbreviation, followed by the unique number for each title.


BA: Blackstone Audio Inc.

BN: DAISY audio book ordering number

CNIB: (formerly known as) Canadian National Institute for the Blind

NLS: National Library Service

RNIB: Royal National Institute of Blind People

RNZFB: Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

Ulv: Ulverscroft

VAILS: Vision Australia Information and Library Service

Short & Longlisted Ockham Award Nominees

Available: The following books short and longlisted at the Ockham book awards are available in DAISY audio.


Pearly Gates by Owen Marshall, Book number 120349

Lonely Asian Woman: a novel by Sharon Lam, Book number 126684


The New Zealand Wars by Vincent O’Malley, Book number 127921


Moth Hour by Anne Kennedy, Book number 131763

Under Glass by Gregory Kan, Book number 131671

In production: The following books short and longlisted at the Ockham book awards are currently being produced in DAISY audio. If you would like to be notified when these are available please contact Diana Morse by either email or Ph: 09 930 1576.


A Mistake by Carl Shuker

Halibut on the Moon by David Vann

Attraction by Ruby Porter

Loving Sylvie by Elizabeth Smither

Moonlight Sonata by Eileen Merriman

Necessary Secrets by Greg McGee

The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox


Shirley Smith: An Examined Life by Sarah Gaitanos

Wild Honey: Reading New Zealand Women’s Poetry by Paula Green

Towards the Mountain: A Story of Grief and Hope Forty Years on from Erebus by Sarah Myles

Dead Letters by Jared Davidson

Fifteen Million Years In Antarctica by Rebecca Priestley

Finding Frances Hodgkins by Mary Kisler

Whale Oil by Margie Thomason

Women mean Business: Colonial Businesswomen in New Zealand by Catherine Bishop


How to Live by Helen Rickerby (winner of poetry award)

How I Get Ready by Ashleigh Young, Book number 132539

Lay Studies by Steven Toussaint

Adult non-fiction

Asian Countries

In order to live: a North Korean girl’s journey to freedom by Yeonmi Park; with Maryanne Vollers. The author tells the harrowing story of her escape from North Korea as a child. The story of her and her family’s struggle to survive in the most repressive country on Earth, their perilous journey to freedom and her emergence as a leading human rights activist, all before her 21st birthday. Read by Christine Hewton in 9 hours, 2 minutes. RNZFB. BN 129888

Crime and the Law

Catch and kill: lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators by Ronan Farrow. This is the untold story of the exotic tactics of surveillance and intimidation deployed by wealthy and connected men to threaten journalists, evade accountability, and silence victims of abuse. And it’s the story of the women who risked everything to expose the truth and spark a global movement. Read by the author in 10 hours, 47 minutes. BA. BN 131090

Disabilities and Society

Living & caring: a guide for carers and people with Parkinson’s by Ann Andrews & Jennifer Dann. A guide for carers and people with Parkinson’s. This guide is designed to be read once Parkinson’s has progressed to a point where the concept of “care” needs to be considered in all its complexity and offers readers the opportunity to share the experiences of both sufferers and caregivers and their reactions to a wide range of challenges. Read by Christine Hewton in 9 hours, 40 minutes. RNZFB. BN 131719


How to be heard secrets for powerful speaking and listening by Julian Treasure. Renowned five-time TED Talk speaker and author Julian Treasure reveals how to speak so that people listen and how to listen so that people feel heard. Read by Julian Treasure in 9 hours, 28 minutes. BA. BN 127304

General (Biography)

The diary of a bookseller by Shaun Bythell. The owner of Scotland’s largest used bookstore describes delightfully unusual staff members, eccentric customers, and surreal buying trips to crumbling estates that make up his life. Read by Robin Laing in 9 hours, 42 minutes. BA. BN 127281

Great Britain

The salt path by Raynor Winn. A book about home, and how it can be lost, rebuilt, and rediscovered in the most unexpected of ways. In one devastating week, the author learns that her husband is terminally ill and their house, farm and livelihood are taken away. With nowhere to call home and little time, they make the brave and impulsive decision to walk the 630 miles of the sea-swept South West Coast Path, from Somerset to Dorset, through Devon and Cornwall. Carrying only the essentials for survival on their backs, they live wild in the ancient, weathered landscape of cliffs, sea, and sky. Along the way, their walk becomes a remarkable and life-affirming journey. Read by Bruce Hopkins in 8 hours, 51 minutes. RNZFB. BN 129598


Screw you Dolores: a wicked approach to happiness by Sarah-Kate Lynch. A humorous and wise take on the subject of happiness, and how and where to find it, especially when you hit that milestone birthday of 50. Read by Anne Speir in 5 hours, 1 minutes. RNZFB. BN 131255

Māori Language and Literature

Māori made easy 2: the next step in your language-learning journey by Scotty Morrison. The follow-up companion to Māori Made Easy, assisting learners who want to take their reo Māori to the next level. It unpacks more of the specifics of the language while still offering an easy, assured approach. By committing just 30 minutes a day for 30 weeks, learners will progress at their own pace and adopt the language as best suits their individual needs. Read by Simon Lynch in 14 hours, 6 minutes. RNZFB. BN 102484

Medicine (Biography)

Misi Utu: Dr. D. W. Hoodless and the development of medical education in the South Pacific by Margaret W. Guthrie. An account of the life of Dr, Hoodless and the development of Fiji’s Central Medical School. Read by Owen Scott in 5 hours, 22 minutes. RNZFB. BN 126359

Musical History

Dead people I have known by Shayne Carter. In this autobiography, the author, a legendary New Zealand musician, tells the story of a life in music. This is an intimate exploration of the history of New Zealand Music. Read by John Leigh in 12 hours, 13 minutes. RNZFB. BN 130004

Nature and Animals

The vulgar wasp: the story of a ruthless invader and ingenious predator by Phil Lester. Native to Europe, Vespula vulgaris, the common wasp, has been inadvertently transported to New Zealand and around the globe—in people’s cargo. Though known as pests, wasps are smart predators, hunters and invaders. This book tells the story of the common wasp and its impact on us and our biodiversity. Read by Paul Barrett in 9 hours, 37 minutes. RNZFB. BN 131033

New Zealand (Biography)

West Island: five twentieth-century New Zealanders in Australia, by Stephanie Johnson. A biographical account of the lives of five notable twentieth-century New Zealanders who made their lives in Australia. These New Zealanders—Roland Wakelin, Dulcie Deamer, Jean Devanny, Douglas Stewart and Eric Baume—have little in common in terms of personalities, proclivities and politics. They were/ are better known in Australia while being largely forgotten in their country of origin. The author restores them to our national narrative, engaging their life stories to illuminate the complex relationship between the two nations. As a writer with strong connections to both countries, she draws on her own experiences of life on both sides of the ditch in her reflections on the trans-Tasman diaspora and the subtle differences and cultural divide that set apart the two countries. Read by Elisabeth Easther in 10 hours, 14 minutes. RNZFB. BN 130082

Been there, done that by Charlie Jones. The author is a well-known hunter. For over 60 years he has hunted, fished, worked and played in New Zealand. In this book, he shares stories of his travels and hunting experiences across the country. Read by Gary Denvir in 6 hours, 34 minutes. RNZFB. BN 129920

New Zealand History

The expatriates by Martin Edmond. This book examines the lives of four descendants of the colonists who return to Europe. Harold Williams, journalist, linguist, Foreign Editor of The Times; Ronald Syme, spy, libertarian, historian of ancient Rome; John Platt-Mills, radical lawyer and political activist; and Joseph Burney Trapp, librarian, scholar and protector of culture. These were men, born in remote New Zealand, who achieved fame in Europe—even as they were lost sight of at home. Men who became, from the point of view of their country of origin, expatriates. Read by Romy Hooper in 11 hours, 54 minutes. RNZFB. BN 99137

Pathway of the birds: the voyaging achievements of Māori and their Polynesian ancestors by Andrew Crowe. A book on a neglected epoch of world history, one that saw Polynesians expand their territory across the world’s largest ocean. A well-researched history of the skills, resourcefulness and courage of the people that drove this extraordinary feat of maritime exploration. Read by Elisabeth Easther in 26 hours, 47 minutes. RNZFB. BN 126358

NZ and Pacific Non-Fiction

This old stick, by [Dr] Andrew Corin. A collection of fictionalised stories of familiar and extraordinary characters that the author has met in his medical journey treating elderly patients. A tool to make us aware of the gifts that the elderly brings to our communities and help heal the disconnections between them and the younger generations. Read by Xavier Christensen in 2 hours, 22 minutes. RNZFB. BN 128500


Reflections: daily words of inspiration to enrich your journey through life by Kelvin Cruickshank. A book of daily quotations and affirmation from psychic medium Kelvin Cruickshank. Read by Joe Gilfillan in 2 hours. RNZFB. BN 99781


Under glass by Gregory Kan. A series of prose and verse poems, following a protagonist through a mysterious and threatening landscape, driven by the urge to make sense of things. Read by Simon Lynch in 30 minutes. RNZFB. BN 131671

Moth hour by Anne Kennedy. In 1973, the author’s brother accidentally fell to his death from the hillside he was partying on. This collection of poems grapples with the rebellious world of her brother’s generation; with grief and loss and the arch of time. Read by Cheryl Lawton in 1 hour, 57 minutes. RNZFB. BN 131763

Politics (Biography)

All the president’s women: Donald Trump and the making of a predator by Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy. Based on ground-breaking original reporting, Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy take an extensive new look at Donald Trump’s relationships with women, revealing new accusations of sexual misconduct, exploring the roots of his alleged predatory behaviour, and illustrating how Trump’s presidency has helped catalyse the #MeToo movement and revitalize women’s activism. Read by Molly Parker Myers, Barry Levine, and Monique El-Faizy in 8 hours, 45 minutes. Blackstone. BN 131089

Social Sciences

Past caring?: women, work and emotion edited by Barbara Brookes, Jane McCabe & Angela Wanhalla. Founded on the conference “Making women visible”, this collection of essays opens up a set of perspectives and experiences of caring. Care is so vital that it is often taken for granted and goes unnoticed and unrewarded. Largely ignored by Historical and philosophical enquiry, the issue of care raises profound questions about gender, justice and morality. These case studies focus on the everyday nature of care operating across domestic, institutional and political spaces, and build upon areas of strength in women’s history with its interest in family, motherhood, health, welfare, education and employment. Read by Christina Cie in 14 hours, 58 minutes. RNZFB. BN 130003

World Religions

Bahá’u’lláh and the New Era by J E Esslemont. Story of the Bahai faith. Read by Francis Mountjoy in 10 hours, 35 minutes. RNZFB. BN 126357

Women’s (Biography)

When life gets tough by Trixie Jellie. The author was thrown off an overbridge in Auckland’s CBD in April 1989 in broad daylight by a complete stranger in a random act of violence and suffered life-threatening injuries. She is telling the story of her life after the event, her struggles and battles to cope with the after effects. Read by Liz Barry in 3 hours, 23 minutes. RNZFB. BN 131031

Adult Fiction

Adventure Stories

The Titanic secret by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul. In the present day, NUMA Director Dirk Pitt makes a daring rescue from inside an antiquated submersible in the waters off New York City. His reward afterwards is a document left behind a century earlier by legendary detective Isaac Bell. Isaac Bell series, book 11. Read by Jeff Harding in 11 hours, 56 minutes. Ulv. BN 131685

Maratoto gold by Ann Bale. The Bell family become modern-day gold miners, aided and abetted by Sparkes, an old miner with gold fever still running in his veins. Read by Alma Woods in 4 hours, 7 minutes. RNZFB. BN 119571

Christian Fiction

Christmas in Silver Springs by Brenda Novak. When Harper Devlin’s husband ditches her, she takes her daughters to Silver Springs, hoping family can heal her broken heart. But comfort comes unexpectedly in ex-prisoner Tobias Richardson. Read by Veronica Worthington in 10 hours, 5 minutes. BA. BN 131099

Crime Fiction

Knife by Jo Nesbo. Harry is in a bad place: Rakel has left him, he’s working cold cases and notorious rapist and murderer Svein Finne is back on the streets. Harry is responsible for the many years Finne spent in prison but now he’s free and ready to pick up where he left off. When Harry wakes up with blood on his hands, and no memory of what he did the night before, he knows everything is only going to get worse. Read by Sean Barrett in 17 hours, 25 minutes. Ulv. BN 131679

Broken skin by Stuart MacBride. In the pale grey light of a chilly February, Aberdeen is not at its best! There’s a rapist prowling the city’s cold granite streets, leaving a string of tortured women behind. To make matters worse, when they finally arrest the Granite City Rapist, Grampian Police are forced by the courts to let him go as he has an alibi for every attack. Could they really have got it so badly wrong? Logan McRae series, book 3. Sequel to: Dying light, 71430. Has sequel: Flesh house, 131178. RNZFB. BN 131251


Tower of thorns by Juliet Marillier. Disillusioned healer Blackthorn and her companion Grim have settled quietly in Dalriada to wait out the seven years of Blackthorn’s bond to her fey mentor. But trouble has a way of seeking out Blackthorn and Grim. A noblewoman from the northern border has asked for the prince of Dalriada’s help in expelling a howling creature from an old tower on her land—one surrounded by an impenetrable hedge of thorns. It becomes clear that a powerful adversary is at work. Read by Wendy Karstens in 17 hours, 42 minutes. RNZFB. BN 99770

The Raven tower by Ann Leckie. For centuries, the kingdom of Iraden has been protected by the god known as the Raven. But the power of the Raven is weakening. It is into this unrest that the warrior Eolo arrives, seeking to reclaim his city. He discovers that the Raven’s Tower holds a secret. Its foundations conceal a dark history that has been waiting to reveal itself and set in motion a chain of events that could destroy Iraden forever. Read by Adjoa Andoh in 13 hours, 5 minutes. BA. BN 127288

Horror and Supernatural

Parasite by Mira Grant. A decade in the future, humanity thrives in the absence of sickness and disease. We owe our good health to a humble parasite–a genetically engineered tapeworm. But now these parasites are getting restless. They want their own lives and will do anything to get them. Read by Christine Lakin in 16 hours, 9 minutes. BA. BN 127300

General Fiction

The silk road: a novel by Kathryn Davis. On the mat in a yoga class under the canny guidance of Jee Moon, someone fails to arise from corpse pose, prompting the class to remember the paths that brought them there. Read by Laura Jennings in 4 hours, 18 minutes. BA. BN 127318

Historical Novels

Purgatory by Rosetta Allan. A fictional story based on the 1865 Otahuhu murders. Read by Owen Scott in 10 hours, 30 minutes. RNZFB. BN 131248

The last of all possible worlds, and, The temptation to do good: two novels by Peter F. Drucker. In The Last of All Possible Worlds, a prince’s illegitimate daughter makes demands of her father, challenging the unspoken family rules. The Temptation to Do Good is the story of the president of a Catholic university who ignites school tensions by helping a chemistry teacher denied tenure. Read by Steven Crossley and Traber Burns in 15 hours, 44 minutes. BA. BN 127307

Historical Romance

Heloise by Mandy Hager. What happens when the 12th century’s most famous French lovers are caught in the crossfire of factions, religious reform and zealotry? Heloise has an exceptional mind and determined to pursue learning rather than marriage or life as a cloistered nun. Her path crosses with Peter Abelard, the celebrity philosopher, theologian and master at Paris’ famed Cathedral School. When two such brilliant minds meet and engage, sparks fly. But theirs is an impossible love. Based on meticulous up-to-date research and the pair’s own writings, this novel recreates the times, offers a plausible interpretation of the known facts and a vivid imagining of the gaps in this legendary story. Read by Cheryl Lawton in 13 hours, 57 minutes. RNZFB. BN 127030

Mystery and Detective Stories

A share in death by Deborah Crombie. A week’s holiday in a luxurious hotel is just what Scotland Yard’s Superintendent Duncan Kincaid needs. But his vacation ends dramatically with the discovery of a dead body in the whirlpool bath. Despite a suspicious lack of cooperation from the local constabulary, Kincaid’s keen sense of duty won’t allow him to ignore the heinous crime, impelling him to send for his enthusiastic young assistant, Sergeant Gemma James. But the stakes are raised significantly when a second murder occurs, and Kincaid and James find themselves locked in a determined hunt for a fiendish felon looking for fresh blood. Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James series, book 1. Has sequel: All shall be well, 131093. Read by Michael Deehy in 7 hours, 3 minutes. BA. BN 131092

The dead ringer: an Agatha Raisin mystery by M. C. Beaton. As the bell-ringers of Thirk Magna get ready for the visit of Bishop Peter Salver-Hinkley, the whole village is thrown into a frenzy. Meanwhile, Agatha convinces one of the bell-ringers, the charming Julian Brody, to hire her to investigate the disappearance of the Bishop’s ex-fiancée. Agatha Raisin series, book 29. Has sequel: Beating about the bush, 131095. Read by Alison Larkin in 6 hours, 45 minutes. BA. BN 131096

Whispers in the reading room: a Chicago World’s Fair mystery by Shelley Gray. Librarian Lydia Bancroft is fascinated by the mysterious and very wealthy Sebastian Marks, gentleman proprietor of an infamous gambling club. She insists on visiting the club one night and is suddenly a suspect in a murder. Is Sebastian everything her heart believes him to be? Chicago World’s Fair mystery series, book 3. Sequel to: Deception on Sable Hill 87157. Read by Tavia Gilbert in 9 hours, 35 minutes. BA. BN 131091

NZ and Pacific Novels

The unreliable people by Rosetta Allan. A whole community deported across Soviet Russia, a rice farmer and his wife separated through time, a young art student searching for her identity and for love. Antonina knows she stands out as different, being neither Russian, Korean nor Kazakh—and yet she embodies all three. She is Koryo-saram: part Korean, part Russian, part Kazak, a descendant of the exiled population that Stalin labelled the Unreliable People. A compelling story where love and loss intersect unexpectedly with a Korean fable about a crow king and a rice farmer’s wife. Read by Christine Hewton in 10 hours, 32 minutes. RNZFB. BN 126089

Five strings by Apirana Taylor. Story of those on the fringes of the society, those at the bottom of the heap, those scraping by. Will any of them be redeemed? Read by Bronwyn Bradley in 11 hours, 3 minutes. RNZFB. BN 97941

The legend of Winstone Blackhat by Tanya Moir. In Winstone’s imagination, the Kid and his partner ride through the Wild West on the trail of their quarry. In Winstone’s actual life, he’s had to abandon his “partner” and is hiding out in the tough landscape of Central Otago. What has this twelve-year-old run from and how will he survive? Read by Francis Mountjoy in 7 hours, 11 minutes. RNZFB. BN 90275

Sea Stories

H. M.S. Surprise by Patrick O’Brian. This book follows the variable fortunes of Captain Jack Aubrey’s career in Nelson’s navy as he attempts to hold his ground against admirals, colleagues and the enemy and accepts a commission to convey a British ambassador to the East Indies. The voyage takes him and his friend Stephen Maturin to the strange sights and smells of the Indian subcontinent and through the archipelago of Spice Islands where the French have a near-overwhelming local superiority. Read by Kevin Keys in 13 hours, 58 minutes. Aubrey/Maturin novels series, book 3. Sequel to: Post Captain, 66189. Has sequel: The Mauritius Command, 73337. RNZFB. BN 99139

Short Stories and Essays

Infidelities by Kirsty Gunn. A collection of interwoven short stories offering a candid peek at infidelity in all its guises. Tales of lust, deceit, resentment, regret—and of the secrets and lies that can chip away at human relationships. Read by Janice Finn in 5 hours, 56 minutes. RNZFB. BN 131256

The Family

The unseen world by Liz Moore. Ada Sibelius is raised by David, a single father and head of a computer science lab in Boston. When David’s mind begins to falter and his mysterious past comes into question, Ada embarks on a mission to uncover her father’s secrets: a process that carries her into adulthood. Read by Lisa Flanagan in 14 hours, 22 minutes. BA. BN 120097

A mother’s love by Katie Flynn. Liverpool, 1940. There comes a moment in every child’s life when they must learn to stand on their own two feet. For 15-year-old Ellie Lancton, that time has come all too soon. The death of her mother and the increase in air raids leaves Ellie alone and in grave danger. It’s not long before she is forced to leave her beloved Liverpool behind and cross the Mersey to seek refuge in the countryside. But as the war takes comforts away, so too does it bring new opportunities; for work, new friendships, and perhaps a little love. Read by Anne Dover in 11 hours, 56 minutes. Ulv. BN 129962


The president is missing a novel by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. The White House is the home of the President of the United States, the most guarded, monitored, closely watched person in the world. So how could a US President vanish without a trace? And why would he choose to do so? Read by Dennis Quaid, January Laffoy, Jeremy Davidson, and Mozhan Marnò in 12 hours, 55 minutes. BA. BN 120103

Baby by Annaleese Jochems. Cynthia and Anahera run away together. Cynthia dreams they will live in an idyllic state of love, but fails to consider several factors—and it’s not long before events on an empty island turn their life together in a different direction. Read by Niamh Blackman in 8 hours, 9 minutes. Ulv. BN 131678

Junior Collection

Judy Moody & Stink: the holly joliday by Megan McDonald.

While Judy Moody is writing her long wish list of Christmas presents, her brother Stink talks to the new mailman, Jack Frost, about the only thing he wants for Christmas: snow.

Available in daisy audio 130105

Smelly Louie by Catherine Rayner.

Louie the dog has just had a bath—and he is not happy about it. He thinks he smells all wrong and is determined to get his Special Smell back. Will he succeed and more importantly, will he be able to keep it this time?

Available in daisy audio 128828

Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman.

An unlucky twelve-year-old Norwegian boy named Odd leads the Norse gods Loki, Thor, and Odin in an attempt to outwit evil Frost Giants who have taken over Asgard.

Available in daisy audio 130110

Tuck everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.

Winnie Foster is ten when she meets seventeen-year-old Jesse Tuck in the woods and learns that his family hasn’t aged in eighty-seven years since drinking from a secret spring. She is mighty tempted to drink that water too.

Available in daisy audio 130466

Coronavirus: a book for children by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson & Nia Roberts.

An informative resource on Coronavirus for children and young adults. Developed with the help of educators, clinical psychologists and infectious disease specialists.

Available in daisy audio 132710, Etext 132711

Fairy dust: do you believe in fairies? by Gwyneth Rees.

Fairies; book 01

Mum says fairies don’t exist, but the old lady next door tells Rosie that fairies are everywhere if you know where to look. Rosie’s not sure who to believe—until she sees something fluttering, tiny and magical in the grass on the moor.

Available in daisy audio 131625

Fairy treasure by Gwyneth Rees.

Fairies; book 02

Connie does not like books and is not happy when she is sent to stay with her eccentric author aunt. But then Ruby, a tiny fairy-girl, suddenly appears in the dusty old library. Ruby is a book fairy who has been banished from fairyland and needs help to find a lost ruby ring.

Available in daisy audio 131623

It’s a small world by Emma Uren.

What if the universe is somebody’s science experiment? Somebody with a strange sense of humour. How many of us get to build a universe for a school project?

Available in daisy audio 129221

Young Adult Collection

Earth dragon, fire hare by Ken Catran.

1948. New Zealand’s forgotten war, fought in the deep green jungles in Malaya. Britain and her allies are pitted against Communist terrorists in a struggle for freedom. Soldiers on opposing sides cannot help but think “Who fights for freedom? Who is the oppressor?” Includes a special narrator’s note. The narrator has known the author since both their careers started and shares this with the readers—including details of the many TV series the author created and the books he has written since quitting TV in the early 90s.

Available in daisy audio 129297

Invisibly breathing by Eileen Merriman.

A moving story about unconventional love, bullying and being true to oneself. A story of friendship between two unusual boys. Both boys find they’re living in a world where they can’t trust anyone, but might they be able to trust each other, with their secrets, their differences, themselves?

Available in daisy audio 120814

Just one day by Gayle Forman.

Just One Day; book 01

When Allyson and Willem meet at an underground performance of Twelfth Night in England there’s an undeniable spark between them. So she follows him on a whirlwind trip to Paris, upending her life in just one day. When she finds Willem gone the morning following their day together, it prompts a year of self-discovery and the search for true love.

Available in daisy audio 126717

Ticket to the sky dance by Joy Cowley.

Shog and Jancie are freedom children of the 21st century—orphans who live in the streets and use their looks and cunning to survive. A modelling agency, welcomes them to its world of luxury. But their joy is replaced by fear as they wonder what really goes on in the agency.

Available in daisy audio 127831

Memory by Margaret Mahy.

Nineteen-year-old streetwise Jonny meets old Sophie who suffers from senile dementia and lives on her own in dreadful squalor. Jonny takes refuge with her and begins to take responsibility for her and for himself as he comes to terms with the tragedy in his own past.

Available in daisy audio 126683

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver.

Delirium triology; book 02

Sequel to: Delirium: 86452; Has sequel: Requiem: 96816

After falling in love, Lena and Alex flee their oppressive society where love is outlawed and from the cure that will forcibly make them immune to the delirium of love. But Lena, alone, manages to find her way to a community of resistance fighters, and her struggles seem to be leading her toward a new love.

Available in daisy audio 120306

New EBraille and braille books

This issue contains EBraille and braille books added to the collection since the last issue of Sound and Touch in March 2020. Adult braille books have a braille number as they are embossed upon request. Please contact us to enquire as to whether a particular title is available for embossing.


UEB: Unified English Braille code

Ebraille: Electronic braille books held at Parnell Library

RNZFB: Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

CNIB: (Formerly known as) Canadian National Institute for the Blind

SE: Seeing Ear

f.: Computer file available for embossing

v.: volume(s)

The following braille books are contracted, single-spaced and double sided.

Adult non-fiction

Authors (Biography)

Always give a penny to a blind man by Eric Wright. Born into a family with ten children during the Great Depression in England, Eric Wright managed to earn a scholarship which enabled him to get an education and rise above his circumstances. At the age of twenty-one he decided to emigrate to Canada and ended up living in the wilderness of the Canadian northwest. He now writes crime novels. Winner of the 2000 CNIB Talking Book of the Year Award. 3 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121398

Food and Beverages

Karena and Kasey: for the love of …: cooked in New Zealand by Karena Bird. This first cookbook by the authors contains recipes that have helped them fall in love with food. The recipes include everyday favourites, more glamorous dishes, desserts, recipes created by the authors as well as those passed down from their family. The book offers an insight into their lives—all for the love of food, family and friends. 4 f. UEB, RNZFB. EBraille 129696

General (Biography)

Escape from the Nazis by Benjamin Mandelkern; with the assistance of Mark Czarnecki. Mandelkern explains how he and his future wife were able to avoid capture by the Nazis in Poland during World War Two. 3 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121159

Women (Biography)

Bravo! Miss Brown a world without sight and sound by Joan Mactavish. Biography of Mae Brown (1935-1973), who was the first deaf-blind person to graduate from a Canadian university, and was a counsellor at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Her college tutor chronicles Brown’s family, education, social and professional life, and triumphs and disappointments. 4 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121415

World History and Travel

A walk in the woods rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson. Bryson relates the adventures and misadventures of two totally unfit hikers, as he and long-time friend Stephen Katz traverse the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Returning from more than twenty years in Britain, he set out to rediscover his homeland, but the two men find themselves awed by the terrain and stymied by the unfamiliar local culture. His gruelling yet fascinating trek gave him a rare perspective on American life. Some strong language. Bestseller. 6f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121424

Adult fiction


Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott; adapted by Elizabeth V. DiSomma and Mary Louise McTiernan. England during the time of Richard I is the background for this novel of chivalry. Among the characters are Robin Hood, King Richard, and Rebecca and Rowena, two beautiful women who love Ivanhoe. 2 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121164

General Fiction

A natural curiosity by Margaret Drabble. In this sequel to “The radiant way”, the continued stories of three middle-aged, middle-class friends illustrate the social decay of Britain. 4 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121147

Pilgrim by Timothy Findley. In 1912 when Pilgrim, an aristocratic art historian, attempts to take his own life he is checked in to the Buurgholzi Psychiatric Clinic to be treated by the renowned Carl Jung. When Jung begins to probe Pilgrim’s mind he discovers that he is treating a man who cannot die, a man who has travelled the world and met some of history’s most notable figures. 7 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121153

The great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The glitter and recklessness of the Jazz Age is the backdrop for this novel about Jay Gatsby’s desperate attempt to recapture the past and, along with it, the love of Daisy Buchanan. 5 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121161

Mystery and Detective Stories

A judgement in stone by Ruth Rendell. The author alternates between a journalistic dissection of the mass murder and a dramatic evocation of character to tell the story of the suburban Coverdales, their maid, Eunice, and Eunice’s friend, a former prostitute turned religious fanatic. 3 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121166

Knockout punch by Mel Cebulash. A night at the fights takes a strange twist when an up-and-coming fighter goes down unexpectedly in an early round. The fighter and his trainer, an old friend of private detective Sully Gomez, are accused of fixing the fight. Sully follows the trail to Las Vegas, where he finds a case of family loyalty and financial gain. 1 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121167

Historical Novels

The last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper; adapted by Elizabeth V. DiSomma and Mary Louise McTiernan. While guiding a small party of English settlers to the protection of a fort during the French and Indian War, Hawkeye, a frontier scout, and his two Indian friends, the remaining braves of the Mohican tribe, struggle against the evils of Uncas who desires a white maiden for his wife. 2 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121169

Historical Romance

Jazz by Toni Morrison. The story of Violet and Joe Trace, married for over 20 years, residents of Harlem in 1926. When Joe shoots his 18-year-old lover, Violet disfigures the girl’s body at her funeral. As Joe mourns, Violet becomes obsessed with the lovers’ relationship. Past and present voices, like jazz, quietly sing the blues. Some strong language. 2 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121123


The healing touch by Janet Dailey. Michael Stafford, a handsome widower, brings his daughter’s pet to veterinarian Rebecca Barclay. Rebecca too knows loss. Will she be able to heal more than just their pet? 1 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121163


The chamber by John Grisham. The chamber is of the gas variety, and Klan member Sam Cayhill is only weeks away from spending his last moments in one. After two mistrials, he has been convicted of the murder of the two sons of a Jewish civil rights activist in 1967. Adam Hall, a Chicago lawyer and Cayhill’s grandson, sets out to prove that Cayhill is innocent. Strong language and some violence. 7 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121405

The Lasko tangent by Richard North Patterson. U. S. Attorney Christopher Paget is given the assignment of taking down the corrupt multimillionaire William Lasko. But Paget has two problems, he has to play by the rules, and Lasko has a powerful friend, the President. Some strong language. 3 f, UEB, CNIB. EBraille 121168

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