Youth Library

Blind Low Vision NZ’s Youth Library is located at the BLENNZ (Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ) Homai Campus in Manurewa, Auckland. The Youth Library welcomes visits from Youth Library members and their families. Contact/visit us.

What’s available?

Our collections for children and young adults include fiction, non-fiction and educational resources. These are available in one or more accessible formats:

  • Braille (UEB).
  • Collage (tactile picture book with braille overlaid).
  • e-braille (brf format).
  • DAISY audio.
  • Electronic text (HTML, Microsoft Word and plain text formats).
  • Kitset (print book, braille book, audio CD).
  • Large print (18pt, 24pt and 36pt font size).
  • Playaway (small, portable device containing a single audio book).
  • Twin vision (print picture book with braille overlaid, so that braille and print readers can read along together).

New books this month

How do you say ‘thank you’? by Karamia Muller

Two children want to learn Samoan. As their parents answer their questions, the readers get introduced to Samoan language and culture.
Primary reading level
Produced by RNZFB
Book number 126361

Justice and utu by David Hair

Matiu Douglas is used to his father Tama’s job as a defense lawyer creating stress, but when Tama takes on a case in magical Aotearoa, family tensions run high. But that is only the beginning of Mat’s worries.
Young adult reading level
Produced by RNZFB
Book number 119330

Summer days: Stories and poems celebrating the Kiwi summer

A collection of stories and poems for children celebrating the golden days of summer by some of New Zealand’s finest writers and illustrators.
Primary reading level
Produced by RNZFB
Book number 102625

1918: Broken poppies by Des Hunt

Final title in the Kiwis at War WWI series. Four Christmases have passed since the world went to war in 1914. In the trenches, close to enemy lines, amid the terror of gunfire and the whine of warplanes, Kiwi soldier Henry Hunt rescues a shaken little dog. He has no idea he’ll soon be facing a disciplinary hearing. To Henry’s relief, the Major allows the little foxie to live – this time.
Young adult reading level
Produced by RNZFB
Book number 120014


Registered Blind Low Vision NZ clients (under 18 years of age) or those enrolled with a BLENNZ visual or sensory resource centre are eligible for youth membership. Youth membership offers access to Youth Library services. Note that BLENNZ- enrolled students who are not Blind Low Vision NZ clients are not eligible to apply for equipment on long-term loan.

Associate membership – Digital Services

Access to our digital services (Library content on BookLink and Alexa) is available to New Zealand citizens and residents with a print disability, who do not meet the full criteria for Blind Low Vision NZ membership. This category of membership is open to all ages. To find out more, visit the Associate Membership FAQ.

Conditions of Access

To access Library services we request you read and agree to Blind Low Vision NZ’s conditions of access and understand the copyright obligations. Please note these conditions are to fulfill our legal requirements and so our legal name is used rather than our Blind Low Vision NZ trading name in the following terms and conditions of service.

Conditions of Access

The books and other works in the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB) Library collection are protected by copyright. The RNZFB has the following policy regarding copyright.

To provide access to a selection of books and other published works, the RNZFB makes available copies of these works in a range of accessible formats. The RNZFB is permitted by the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 to make these copies. The permission provided by the Copyright Act 1994 is only for persons with a print disability and therefore only New Zealanders who are blind, print-disabled or have low vision are permitted to access the RNZFB Library’s collection.

As a borrower, it is your responsibility to ensure that any books or other works that you borrow from the RNZFB Library are not made available to any other individual or organisation. Actions that are not permitted include, but are not limited to:

  • Lending RNZFB Library items to another person.
  • Copying and sending items to another person.
  • Copying to another person’s computer or electronic device.
  • Emailing to another person.
  • Uploading to the internet.

To respect the rights of copyright owners and protect the RNZFB Library service for other borrowers, the RNZFB reserves the right to refuse access to its collection for any individual or organisation that makes RNZFB works available to another person or organisation.

The intent of this policy is to ensure that the rights of copyright owners are respected and that the RNZFB Library service is not jeopardised for blind, low vision or print-disabled New Zealanders.