Connecting with youth

The Youth Engagement Strategy was created by young blind and low vision Kiwis, with Blind Low Vision NZ staff.

It’s called YES and is all about young people leading independent and productive lives.

It’s about developing opportunities and activities for 17 – 25 year olds: to grow confidence and leadership skills.  And it’s about young people connecting with each other – hanging out in their local area or digitally.

Blind and VI Youth NZ Facebook group is a chance for youth to connect online – sharing news and opportunities.

There’s a whole lot being planned in this space including the EPIC youth event, which had its first weekend in 2017, and lots of local groups and activities.

To find out more about what’s coming up, or to join the Facebook group, please get in touch on 0800 24 33 33 or email

EPIC Youth

EPIC (Encouraging, Participating, Inspiring and Connecting) Youth is a youth led initiative of Blind Low Vision NZ.

The EPIC event was held in April 2017 in Wellington. It was an opportunity for young people aged 17-25 who are blind or have low vision to develop skills and confidence amongst other VIPs. It was also an awesome opportunity to make new mates and catch up with old ones! Attendees participated in workshops as well as undertaking exciting physical activities. To find out more about future events, join the Blind and VI Youth NZ Facebook group.