Blind Low Vision NZ administers a number of funds that could provide additional financial help and support to people who are blind or have low vision. If you need financial assistance meeting the costs of vision rehabilitation, or tertiary education we may be able to help. To find out more about applying for financial assistance please contact us at

Kindred Sharp Children’s Trust

This Trust provides grants to children up to the age of 16 who were blind before reaching their second birthday and are registered with Blind Low Vision NZ.

Grants may be approved for the funding of equipment, improving quality of life, or personal development programmes. The maximum grant this Trust will approve is $500.00 per child.

For more information please contact the Fund & Trust Administrator, Murray Peat, on 0800 24 33 33.

Sir Arthur Pearson Memorial Fund

This Fund was established in 1923 from the proceeds of a public appeal for funds to aid both civilian and war blinded persons. It can provide assistance to meet the additional financial costs of blindness; enhance member rehabilitation, habilitation and personal development needs. The Fund does not provide assistance to meet the ordinary costs of daily living or welfare.

Pearson Fund Guide to Operations – August 2019 (.doc).

Sir Arthur Pearson Memorial Fund standard application form

Sir Arthur Pearson Memorial Fund accessible application form

For more information and an application form, contact the Pearson Fund Administrator on 0800 24 33 33 or email:

Henderson Fund

This Trust seeks to provide assistance for blind children up to the age of 21 years in the New Plymouth, Wanganui, Manawatu, Wairarapa and Wellington areas, or for children who have received assistance from the Henderson Trust Fund and no longer reside in such areas.

Please contact the Fund & Trust Administrator on 0800 24 33 33 for more information.

Oppenheim Tertiary Education Trust Fund

The Oppenheim Trust was founded in November 1989 by Dr and Mrs Oppenheim to provide assistance to Blind Low Vision NZ clients undertaking or about to enter tertiary education.

Priority is given to assisting with the cost of fees. Successful grants are awarded in mid-February each year.

Applications are now open and close Wednesday 13 January 2021.

Download the Oppenheim Trust standard application form (.doc)

Forsyth Fund

The Forsyth Fund welcomes applications for financial assistance to clients of Blind Low Vision NZ who live within the boundaries of

  1. The Waikato Regional Council, or
  2.  The Waikato District Health Board.

Applications for financial assistance are received, from individuals and groups/clubs, to help clients enhance their potential and independence and/or promote life enrichment.

The Fund is primarily intended to help meet the additional costs of blindness.

The key areas for which grants are available are:

  • provision of equipment directly related to sight loss
  • assistance with sporting and peer support activities
  • educational purposes

The Waikato Regional Committee administers the Fund on behalf of Blind Low Vision NZ

and is able to receive applications at any time, preferably by email, using the appropriate form.

Applicants are requested to seek funding from other similar sources, prior to applying, as the Fund is considered to be a fund of last resort. Applications are accepted without this requirement, if applying for items of equipment costing $200 or less (excluding GST). The Committee reserves the right to raise the $200 limit in special circumstances.

For enquiries, please contact the BLVNZ Hamilton Office:

Forsyth Fund Accountability Form 2021.doc

ForsythFund Group Club Application Form 2021.doc

Forsyth Fund Individual Application Form 1 2021.doc

Forsyth Fund Individual Application Form 2 2021.doc

The Shirley Owen Trust: Learn music

If you are a client of Blind Low Vision NZ, and you would like to learn an instrument or practice singing, apply for some funding assistance through the Shirley Owen Trust.

The Trust has gifted Blind Low Vision NZ a sum of money to be used to encourage and foster blind and low vision musicians.

Shirley Owen Trust Application Form – Standard.doc 

Shirley Owen Trust Application Form – Accessible.doc