Blind Low Vision NZ’s Telephone Information Service, called TIS, is an easy way to get information at your fingertips.  You can find out what’s happening in your local area, hear Blind Low Vision NZ news, and get information on special areas of interest.

TIS bulletins include:

  • Local and national newspaper content- with articles from over 70 newspapers.
  • Financial information.
  • Radio and TV programme schedules.
  • Public notices and announcements.
  • Updates from Blind Low Vision NZ.
  • Interactive feedback lines operated by associated organisations (link to associated orgs).
  • Information from government departments and other agencies.
  • Newspaper and magazine articles.

To access TIS, use a touch-tone telephone to choose whether, for example, you want to listen to the day’s news.

You can go further than this and create a favourites list using a special TIS functions menu.  And there are some popular quick cheats – like the Blind Sport feedback line (menu 5 then 2). Here is the full cheat sheet list including tips on how to set up a favourites list.

Synthetic voices are used for some content on TIS, and they come in different accents, so you can hear an Aussie twang, a British voice or the sound of the veldt from South Africa. Big thanks to Nuance for the great deal on 4 new synthetic voices: British Daniel, Australian Karen, Australian Lee and South African Tessa.

To find out about how to use TIS read the information below and the TIS help page, call Blind Low Vision NZ on 0800 24 33 33, option 1 or email You can also call or email to report any problems.

TIS phone numbers

TIS is free to all those registered with Blind Low Vision NZ.  Check out the list below of the toll-free calling numbers covering nearly all New Zealand.

LocationPhone number
Whangarei09 929 9099
Auckland09 302 3344
Hamilton07 834 2288
Tauranga07 929 6199
Napier-Hastings06 835 9136
Gisborne06 929 1033
Palmerston North06 354 8316
Wanganui06 348 4403
New Plymouth06 929 3088
Nelson03 929 5033
Christchurch03 355 8381
Timaru03 688 6921
Oamaru03 433 1026
Dunedin03 455 8833
Balclutha03 418 3332
Gore03 203 3001
Invercargill03 218 6470
Wellington04 389 3858

All other areas: 0800 36 33 44