You’re helping fund some high tech helpers that give Nancy independence.

Nancy smiling.
With your help, Nancy is living a full life.

Nancy first became involved with Blind Low Vision NZ almost six decades ago as her daughter Jann, was blind from a young age. As her own sight began deteriorating significantly over the past three years, she knew exactly where to go for some support. Inspired by her daughter’s accomplished life with the help of Blind Low Vision NZ, Nancy knew low vision wouldn’t ever hold her back – particularly if she had access to helpful tools and training.

Your support has helped equip Nancy with white cane training so she can catch the bus on her own and confidently negotiate stairs. Other practical help has included special glasses, pouring equipment, special kitchen equipment, bump-ons, magnification tools and money ID.

Thanks to your support,  Nancy has learned to use an Alexa machine that can turn the lights on and off for her, answers her questions, and tell her the weather. In addition to this, she is also finding her S pen and text to speech readers very helpful. These devices can read digital labels aloud. This is handy to find a shade of lipstick, ensure she is taking the correct medications and identify pantry items for cooking. Your kind donations have also provided Nancy with access to technology that helps to keep her safe around her home and gives her independence so she can continue doing what she loves.