Photo collage of man with a white cane smiling for the camera, a close-up shot of fingers reading braille, and an older woman using a tablet computer.

Join our exclusive membership programme to help ensure more Kiwis who are blind, deafblind or have low vision can live the lives they choose.

Blind Low Vision NZ invites you to join our exclusive supporter membership programme: Our Vision, Your Impact. Joining with other loyal supporters to make a generous, annual, ongoing commitment would help enable us to plan and prepare for the increasing demand we are experiencing for our services, and to be able to fund some key growth areas which will help manage this demand and better serve our clients’ needs.

The first key growth area is our Youth and Employment support service, helping young people transition into good careers by breaking down barriers to recruitment and providing support for ongoing career success.

Youth and Employment: Make sure everyone has a pathway to careers they love.

Young woman holding her phone up to her ear and smiling for the camera.
Your support empowers young people like Imogen to live the life they choose.

Employment and underemployment continue to be an issue for blind and low vision Kiwis – despite the wealth of talent they can bring to our under-resourced job market.

Blind Low Vision NZ has a long history of helping people like Ese into fulfilling jobs, which are in line with their skills and dreams in life.

But we need help to grow our lifechanging employment programmes, and inspire more businesses to partner with us on tailored work opportunities.

Your investment will help bring more New Zealanders like Ese the personalised support they need to break into the job market – from professional mentoring to interview coaching.

You’ll be there to help young Kiwis make the leap from study and work, and older Kiwis return to study so they can move up the career ladder or start new careers altogether.

Your generosity means that people like Ese can always dream big about their futures. You’ll make sure they have the work opportunities they deserve, and that in every workplace they’ll be celebrated, supported and included.

The second is our Policy and Advocacy work; in recent years, Blind Low Vision NZ has worked with the government and other organisations to get more equality and accessibility for New Zealanders with vision loss. However, there is so much more we could do with security of funding.

Policy and Advocacy: Knock down barriers – build fairer laws – improve eye health.

A young man with glasses, using adaptive technology to work on his computer.
“After my husband died, my sight loss hit home because I couldn’t move around as I used to.” – June Hieatt

We all deserve to be able to travel safely, to find the information we need, and to be part of the communities around us.

That’s why Blind Low Vision NZ advocates so that people who are blind, deafblind or have low vision can do all this – and live as fully independent citizens.

We are a powerful advocate to government, drawing on research and people power to drive improvements in areas such as technology, building design, public spaces and transport.

We’re also working with partners around the globe to open up learning opportunities and access to information for people everywhere who are blind or have low vision.

Together, we’ve made wonderful progress in shaping a more accessible New Zealand and world. But advocacy and policy change is long, complex work – and we have many important battles ahead.

Your extra support is needed to tear down the everyday barriers that continue to hold people back who are blind or have low vision. Together, we can transform social and economic policy and build a society where every Kiwi counts.

Advocacy wins that supporters like you have been a part of:

  • New Zealand became one of the first countries to include access requirements in disability law in 1975.
  • The rights for people with disabilities were enshrined in five pieces of New Zealand legislation between 1990 and 2008.
  • In 2019, the Copyright Amendment Bill was passed to give equal access to information and publications for people who are print disabled.
  • Campaigned for accessibility legislation from 2015-2022, resulting in the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill introduction in 2022.

Lastly, demand for our Client Services is growing steeply with six more people every day requesting access to rehabilitation, counselling, technology skills, mobility training and more. Knowing that we have sustained funding would make a huge impact to Blind Low Vision NZ clients.

Client Services: Support Kiwis to live their best lives, every day.

Man playing an acoustic guitar, while a young girl wearing glasses rests her head on his shoulder.
“Blind Low Vision NZ helped give me stability and the opportunities that have helped set me up for life. It means so much to me. Thank you.” – Ese Aumalesulu

From taking public transport to paying bills, daily living can be hard, stressful and even dangerous when you have no or limited sight.

With help from generous supporters like you, we offer tailored solutions to help New Zealanders with vision loss overcome their challenges and live with safety, happiness, freedom and connection.

Our teams pair people with amazing Guide Dogs, and support them to explore the world together. Every day, donations like yours also help New Zealanders adapt their daily routines, make their homes accessible, and move around confidently using white canes.

Your support helps Kiwis who are blind or have low vision to harness life-changing adaptive technology – from their smart phones to the voice activated ‘Alexa’ smart speaker. You make sure they can still find information at their fingertips, and stay in touch with the world around them.

Blind Low Vision NZ also provides a vast library of accessible books, so no one is cut off from the joy of stories and imagination.

From one-on-one counselling to financial assistance, we’re here to help people cope with both the practical and emotional difficulties of sight loss.

But the demand for our services is enormous – and growing by the day. By stepping up your investment, you’ll make sure we can keep being there for every Kiwi who turns to us.

You’ll help fund the wonderful solutions that allow people across our country to wake up every day and live the lives they want.

You can join ‘Our Vision, Your Impact’ at the level of giving that is right for you.

As a member of Our Vision, Your Impact, there are several tiered membership benefits we can offer including progress updates and exclusive invitations to acknowledge your support as a member.

Below is a list of the three membership tiers and the exclusive benefits of each.

expand – Champion: $1,000 to $2,500 annual giving

Benefits of being a Champion:

  • Twice yearly updates about the difference you’re making
  • Membership certificate
  • Invitations to special Blind Low Vision NZ supporter functions

expand – Ambassador: $2,500 – $5,000 annual giving

Benefits of being an Ambassador:

  • Twice yearly updates about the difference you’re making
  • Membership certificate
  • Invitations to special Blind Low Vision NZ supporter functions
  • Thank you birthday card
  • Acknowledgement of your support on our website “Roll of Honour”
  • Access to exclusive videos of the work you’re supporting

expand – Visionary: $5,000 + annual giving

Benefits of being a Visionary:

  • Twice yearly updates about the difference you’re making
  • Membership certificate
  • Invitations to special Blind Low Vision NZ supporter functions
  • Thank you birthday card
  • Acknowledgement of your support on our website “Roll of Honour”
  • Access to exclusive videos of the work you’re supporting
  • Exclusive club membership gift
  • Behind the scenes tour of Blind Low Vision NZ’s work
  • Acknowledgement of your support in our Annual Report

Will you help grow our impact – and yours?

To learn more about the transformative difference you can make by joining this high impact programme, download the Our Vision, Your Impact brochure. Or if you’re ready to grow our impact, and yours, use the ‘Join now’ button below.

To discuss your preferred membership tier or if you have other questions, please call our Philanthropy team on 0800 366 283 or email them on