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Guide dog puppies go through two years of rigorous training before they become guide dogs. It’s tough work and it simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of Red Puppy Sponsors.

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Guide Dog Facts

Pupstar Harris

Here are some facts about the most commonly asked about topics.

Guide Dogs and COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

a guide dog trainer sit with a guide dog

Wendy Mellberg-Haecker, Blind Low Vision NZ Guide Dogs Operations Manager, answers some frequently asked questions about COVID-19

Our fundraisers

Where we are working

Blind Low Vision NZ fundraiser wearing a red vest and holding an iPad

Find out about our face to face fundraising team, including which locations they are currently working in.

Our puppies

News from the guide dogs

Rochelle Corrigan, Puppy Placement and Development Manager, with guide dog puppy Kato whose journey is documented in the show

Behind the scenes of Dog Squad Puppy School with Rochelle Corrigan.

Get Involved


puppy walking

There are many ways to get involved with Guide Dogs. From puppy raisers, to street collecting, every little bit helps.