Anya was born in October to her parents, Xena and Fonz, in a litter with three brothers and one sister.

This lively little character is growing up fast and has recently moved to her puppy raiser’s home where she is spoilt with all her toys and plenty of attention. She loves to play games, have big cuddles and have a daily brush – followed by a chew bar.

As the name suggests Anya’s puppy raiser takes her for lots of walks. Her favourites are local park, where she watches ducks and seagulls on the lake – and the beach, where she can run free and socialise with other dogs. At first Anya was not sure about the sand or waves, but now she looks forward to this treat. Lucky girl!

Black lab with her pups
Anya and her brothers and sisters with their mum Xena
Anya sitting next to another pup
Anya sitting next to her friend, a 12 year old lab pup
Puppy asleep in a shopping trolley
Anya asleep in a shopping trolley