This week, I had my first free run!

It was a big surprise when I arrived at the dog park and saw my brother Bronson, sister Beth, and another fellow guide dog puppy, Debbie. Everyone’s gotten so big since I last saw them. Although they look different, I instantly recognised them.

Our Puppy Development Trainer, Rochelle talked to us about what perfect behaviour looks like before letting us have a proper play. I was more interested in catching up with Bronson but I took in some of what she had to say.

I learnt a new trick while I was frolicking freely with my friends. If I returned back to my puppy raiser when she blew a whistle I got a treat! Although it was hard to focus on the whistle with so much going on, I’m not one to forget when treats are being distributed.

Back in the office this week I had to take drastic measures and get a security gate installed. With my blog bringing attention to my whereabouts in Awhina house the comms office has had an increase in foot traffic. With the puppy gate on the door, I control the flow of visitors by sitting right in front of the entrance.

Guide dog puppy Brooke behind the puppy gate
Guide dog puppy Brooke behind the puppy gate in the comms office