Norah is a very social puppy so ‘paws on floor’ has been an important  command for her to learn. She was getting a little too excited and sometimes jumped up when she met people for the first time.

‘Settling’ is something Norah has become fabulous at. Her puppy raiser has two children that swim competitively, so Norah spends a lot of time sitting quietly and patiently poolside at events. Good girl! Learning how to ‘leave’ is taking some time for Norah to understand because, as with most Labrador puppies, she thinks taking everyone’s stuff is a fun and mischievous game!

Norah and her puppy raiser both enjoy their walks together with Norah often stopping to sniff all sorts of things. Her puppy raiser says the only places that are torture for Norah are the butcher and supermarket! I think we all know why that might be.

Norah is growing into a big girl now and she even recently grew five beautiful new adult teeth. Just like that, our wonderful little Norah is well on the way to being a confident guide dog, ready to take on the challenge of changing one very special person’s life.

We all love you Norah xoxo