When Dan realised he needed to seek more support from Blind Low Vision NZ, he sought out mobility support through a white cane, but was excited to learn there was another option – a guide dog.

Thanks to your support, Dan was able to seek his paw-fect match.

Dan was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa when he was 15. Now 38, he currently has a small functional tunnel, but no peripheral vision, and very low vision at night and in poorly lit spaces.
Since his first connection with Blind Low Vision NZ in 2018, Dan has taken advantage of a wide range of services.

He uses the Adaptive Technology service and is learning ZoomText. Dan has previously accessed the Orientation and Mobility Service for his white cane use, and also had support with magnification.

Dogs have always been part of Dan’s life, so this was a natural next step for him. “I immediately trusted Ezra and he trusted me – I was open to being part of this team. The call to confirm I had been matched with Ezra was a very emotional milestone in my vision loss story, as was our first meeting. Welcoming him to our family was a day I will never forget.”