His favourite game is tug of war, and he loves catching up on beauty sleep in between playtime… meet Marley, your 2022 Pupstar!

He may be little, but there are big things ahead for beautiful Marley, our official Pupstar of the Year. Now you’ll be able to watch his journey as he trains for the most important job in the world – bringing independence, confidence and joy to someone who is blind, deafblind or has low vision. He’s so lucky to have your support!

Marley was born earlier this year, along with his eight brothers and sisters. He’s now big enough to live with a human family, who volunteer to love and care for puppies like Marley in their own home for 12-18 months. He’s getting used to having small humans around, who are great fun. They’ve got lots of energy, which suits Marley just fine.

Now he has a new home, he also has a special black coat and collar. Marley’s proud to wear his coat when he goes out, because it means ‘time to work’. There’s so much to learn right now, it can be really exhausting, and Marley loves to enjoy a good snooze when he gets home.

Your generosity has given Marley the best possible start. With your continued support, he hopes to one day become a guide dog, but he can’t do it without you. Thank you so much!