This year’s Pupstar is an adorable little Labrador Golden Retriever Cross called Fergus.

Fergus was only born in late January so he’s still really a small puppy.

It’s not long since he left his mum and 7 siblings and went to live with his puppy raiser family. This family of four includes two active teenagers so he’ll definitely have as much fun and play as he had with his brothers and sisters.

Until he had all his vaccinations he couldn’t go on walks so it’s lucky his puppy raiser family has a big backyard. His favourite game is running off with his tug toy and rolling down the grass slope in the yard.

As soon as he gets big enough he’ll begin to learn how to walk properly on a lead and respond to increasingly challenging commands.

The restrictions on movement as a result of the coronavirus will mean that he won’t for the moment get the range of adventures that other guide dog puppies have had.

But he’s still growing and learning.

Puppies like Fergus depend on wonderful people like you to fund their breeding, care and training. Thank you for what you do.