Woo-hoo walkies? Puppy in guide dog training visits the shopping mall

Hi I’m Neve and I am a guide dog puppy in training.

Guide dog Looking Forward to the walk
If there’s one thing I love, it’s seeing that lead come out of the cupboard.

Hey is that a lead? Are we going walkies? Woo-hoo. All those fabulous smells and things going past and new places are so exciting, but I try to stay calm. I am still learning to fully master that one.

I am so excited to tell you all about the fun things I did lately. Oh boy, I can’t wait to learn everything and become the best guide dog, ever.

Neve on the train


Today we walked for a while (I think I did pretty well sitting when I was told to) and we got in this big noisy thing my Puppy Raiser called a train. It roared along but it was quite comfortable lying on the floor. It rocked a bit and it kept stopping and starting and people got on and off. I watched them closely.

I had a little snooze on the train, but I kept an eye on what was happening. It is important to be aware of my surroundings to be a good guide dog when I grow up.

Then we got off and went to a big building where there were bright lights and lots of people and noise and strange smells. I stuck close to my human but I felt pretty confident.

Neve in a shopping mall

I rock this coat.

This is me and my Puppy Raiser at the shopping mall. I stayed close. There were lots of people there, but I think I did well and did not get too distracted.

Then my human sat down at a table. I was very, very good. I just sat there too.

Neve Setlled well in cafe

Me in the café. How well behaved am I?

On the way home we went to the park. I was so excited – floating around on the pond were these birds that smelt amazing. I so badly wanted to chase them, but I had my lead on and that means I have to sit quietly. Gosh, it was hard, because boy did I want to jump in because I really love water.

Hmmmm.. should I chase them or eat them or both? I’m only joking because I have an important job to do when I’m older. If I practise my commands and learn all the skills, I will become a guide dog and help people. That’s why I’m always on my best behaviour.

Neve at a park by the pond

Chase them or not?

Neve is a guide dog puppy in training. She spends most of her time doing normal puppy things, like sleeping, eating, running around, chasing butterflies, and other times training with her volunteer Puppy Raiser to learn all the skills she needs to become a fully trained guide dog.  It is hard work and only the best of the best will graduate. That’s why your support is so incredibly wonderful as it’s helping train puppies like Neve to become guide dogs and change lives.

photo of guide dog puppy in training Neve

I think this is my best side!